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Facebook's IPO: Buy or Sell?

by Blogger on ‎02-01-2012 08:39 PM - last edited on ‎03-06-2012 01:09 PM by Administrator

It's now official. Facebook is going public


While the initial $5B offering will just be for the well to do on Wall Street, when the $FB stock goes on the market this May, we'll all get a chance to buy in.


The question is: will you?


Here are a couple of great takes on either side of the coin:




First, Mathew Ingram of GigaOm who thinks the IPO play is more of an exit strategy than a new beginning:

More than anything, what the Facebook IPO seems to represent is an opportunity for all of those initial backers — and many of the company’s own employees — to cash .... While many public stock offerings are orchestrated to allow this to happen, the sheer scale of Facebook’s IPO puts it in a category all by itself. And if the thousands of millionaires and dozens of billionaires who are created by the offering eventually put some of that windfall back into the startup scene, perhaps it will be worth it.



Then there's Robert Scoble who boldly sees Facebook as a half TRILLION dollar company in the next 3 years:

He has hundreds of millions of “MAU’s” (Monthly Active Users) who are using mobile. Facebook has not made a dime off of those so far. That won’t continue for long.
This is Zuckerberg’s brilliance. He has always played investors like a fiddle. Remember when he got Microsoft to invest while not giving up much equity? This is the same thing he’s doing to investors now. He’s going to take all of our money for not much equity and then he’s going to pour on growth and watch things go nuts.
Watch his 28% stake in Facebook to grow from around $25 billion to $100 billion or more by 2015.
Oh, and we haven’t even talked about China. Zuckerberg learned Chinese over the past 18 months. You think he’s not interested in blowing open that market somehow?



Facebook's opening day will be a wild ride with more than 1000 employees and investors becoming instant millionaires.  Zuckerberg himself will be worth at least $28B when the stock goes public the same month he turns 28.

"The first few days,weeks and even months of trading will be highly volatile, just take a look back at Google's 2004 IPO or most recently LinkedIn's IPO. As a retail investor you have to consider if it makes sense for your long term investment strategy," says Jason Longshaw, Financial Advisor at ATB Securities. "If you're allocating a small portion of your investment capital to speculate it could pay off but know that you're still throwing dice."


So, will you like Facebook and buy a piece?

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