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First Impressions: ZVOX

by Blogger ‎11-07-2012 09:32 PM - edited ‎11-08-2012 07:37 AM

Founded by a coalition of audio industry veterans, ZVOX has built a solid reputation thanks to the quality of their home audio components. Hailed as a Consumers Digest Best Buy, ZVOX offers consumers a generous variety of competitively priced, high-end sound bars. Compact and aesthetically unassuming, these single cabinet surround sound systems offer the simplicity of a one-cable setup... but what kind of performance can they deliver?

The ZVOX 5.2ZVOX 5-2.jpg

The ZVOX 5.2 Channel Sound Bar System with DTS supports a healthy variety of connectivity options – and works seamlessly with your optical, analog, digital, and DTS-compatible devices. An on-screen guide is available to assist first-time users through the entire configuration process. You can use it to pair the system with the universal remote of your choice, just in case you’ve been waiting for the chance to try out your Logitech Harmony Touch or Philips Prestigo.

Designed to double as a base for your TV stand, the ZVOX 5.2 is aesthetically little more than a rectangular box. Containing seven top quality speakers, the ZVOX reveals that it's actually a genuinely powerful performer. Its pair of 6.5” sub-woofers reinforce the system’s ample high end, resulting in a substantial frequency response of 34Hz-20kHz. The system’s distortion-free bass punch has quite a lot of oomf to it – it’s definitely worth checking out for yourself. This kind of quality audio is the result of newly integrated sound technology, developed specifically by ZVOX to offer listeners a truly superior audio experience.

Under the Hood

It only takes a single button to activate ZVOX’ Dialog Emphasis feature – which minimizes sounds found outside the range of a normal human voice, while simultaneously amplifying a carefully chosen selection of speech-specific frequencies. The result is startling, and will definitely be of interest to those with specialized hearing challenges.

At the heart of ZVOX’ audio processing capabilities, you’ll find PhaseCue II Virtual Surround Sound technology. It lends serious depth to flat and unexceptional audio, greatly enhancing the performance of both games and movies. By casting an extremely large soundscape, the ZVOX manages to create a fairly convincing illusion of true 3D sound – which is quite an admirable achievement, especially when considering this device’s size.

Finally, there’s Output Leveling, which monitors your media’s audio for disruptions. When it finds a spike, it automatically normalizes it. This effectively eliminates the interruptions caused by loud commercials. The system also detects when certain frequencies dip in volume, and will amplify them until they're properly audible.
ZVOX 3-1 soundbar.jpg



The ZVOX 3.1

Packing much of the same hardware as its older brother the 5.2, the ZVOX 3.1 Channel Sound Bar System delivers some seriously high-end performance. Modestly priced at $269.99, this 40W Z-Base system offers authentic, organic sound. Solidly constructed out of real wood, the ZVOX 3.1 is equipped with a four speaker array – including a dedicated 5.25” sub, which lends great emphasize to mids and highs without sacrificing any bass intensity. Offering an overall frequency response of 55Hz-20kHz, consumers should find the ZVOX 3.1 to be a high quality, cost effective solution for their home audio needs. The ideal companion to a mid-sized flat screen TV, this ZVOX system is also covered by a year long parts & labour warranty.

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