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Game Your Video: edits and funky filters for your iPhone videos

by Blogger on ‎01-23-2013 10:37 AM

Game Your Video 1.jpg


Funky photo editing apps seem to pop out all the time in Apple’s App Store, but that isn’t always the case for video, which is why Game Your Video piqued my interest. This app offers some basic editing, but is more of a standout for the filters and effects it offers in turning a video into something far more interesting. For $0.99, it’s worth every penny.


The word “game” in the app’s title has more to do with how the interface looks than anything to do with video games. With sliding and pop-up menus, Game Your Video has a unique way of offering its various features, some of which you can apply on the fly as a video is playing.


You can choose to work with existing videos from your Camera Roll or apply effects and filters while shooting something from scratch. You get to cut footage, splice and add clips from other videos and even reverse playback. Before you get started, you pick from 10 different themes called “flavours that include a Charlie Chaplin one, haunted, old look, 8mm, comedy, action and psychedelic, among others.


Game Your Video 3.jpg


You then choose what kind of filter you want to apply on the video. These range between vintage, nostalgia, sepia, black and white, noir, cinematic and blockbuster. From there, you can either go with the included background music tracks for each flavour or use whatever you want from the music stored on your iOS device to play in the background.


After tapping the checkmark to start the video, you’ll also get extra effects at the bottom for slowing down or speeding up playback, adding shake, echo, jitter and spinning effects, or turning the video into a line drawing. These can be applied at anytime during playback in real-time, so experimenting with them is totally open to you before you commit to a final edit. If you don’t like something, pause the video and remove it.


Game Your Video 2.jpg


Game Your Video 4.jpg


Once you’re done your masterpiece, you can upload it directly to YouTube or Facebook, or just save it in your Camera Roll. The app itself also has a library that stores the videos you create and edit there, so you could always go back and make changes whenever you see fit.


Version 1.5, which is the latest one, added a split screen feature that lets you put two videos side-by-side in a final edit. You can also record your own voice for narration, even over the background music you’ve selected, and you can choose to add an effect to your voice, like a chipmunk, baby, echo or scary voice. Slide the bottom effects bar all the way to the right and you’ll see the button. Tap it to turn on and start recording your voice.


I could go on and on, but really, this is an app that is better to just discover and explore on your own. Whether it’s your vacation videos, an exotic getaway or some outdoor shenanigans over the weekend, you’re likely to make any video look that much cooler with Game Your Video.


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