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Geek Wedding Planning Tips

by Blogger on ‎07-10-2009 11:46 AM

Tis the season to get married, and if you're knee deep in the wedding planning and looking for a way out, look no further than your computer.  Sure, it doesn't sound the most romantic, but after planning my recent wedding, I've discovered some tips that will streamline the process and maybe save you a bit of money.

DIY Invites
Never mind the fancy embossed, embellished cards from the printers with elaborate monograms and countless envelopes and stuffings.  You can make your invites yourself. Future Shop works with Kodak Gallery to turn your digital images into prints, and other nifty keepsakes - making your photos into wedding invite styled postcards takes just a few clicks. I did an elegant postcard with a photo of the Eiffel Tower I took the day we were engaged with all the information on the back.  We didn't need reply cards in the envelope, because the rsvp was requested to be made online.



Wedding Website Blog
That's where the wedding website comes in.  If you want to be really fancy, you can order your own domain, or if you just want something usable for the few months before the wedding grab a free address from a blogging site like Wordpress or Blogger.  We bought the domain and just had it redirected to a free Wordpress site that hosted all the information about the venue, a video from the day we were engaged, favourite photos and links to our gift registry. The site also
had a form for guests to RSVP.



Google Forms 
Google Forms easily lets you drop code into nearly any website that will populate your results in a spreadsheet.  Here are the easy steps oince
you're in Google Docs:

  1. Click New > Form
  2. In the form template that opens, you can add any questions and options you'd like.
  3. Click Email this form once you've finished adding your questions.
  4. Add the email addresses of the people to whom you want to send this form.
  5. Click Send.


2009-07-04 weddingFor our wedding, that meant we could ask all sorts of information about our guests and track the yays and the nays in one page online.  It made the arranging and contacting of guests with updated information dead easy.

If you really want to geek out, you could live blog your wedding.  I almost ended up doing that as I found myself with 45 minutes to kill standing at the end of aisle waiting for my bride while the limo driver took the extended scenic route around Stanley Park.  So, yes, as any good geek will do I whipped out the iPhone and started twittering.  That instantly made my wedding, a twedding.

Photo used with permission from Carolyn Egerszegi Photograpy. All Rights Reserved.

catch the buzz ... pass it on.

by mathan416 on ‎01-31-2013 05:58 PM

So, when is Future Shop going to get a Geek Gift Registry so we can do things like register at Future Shop for Wedding Gifts?


With other department stores no longer offering electronics, or substandard electronics, how about it?

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