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Geeky Halloween Pumpkin Ideas and Templates

by Blogger on ‎10-23-2011 02:13 PM

geek.jpgRemember the good ol' days when you'd almost lose a finger or thumb sawing away at a pumpkin with Mom's steak knives?  You'd be lucky to get two triangles that sort of looked the same shape and a mouth that didnt cause the front of the face to collapse.

That's not how generation next plays the game.  They print off templates, use bona fide carving tools and create magical masterpieces for the front porch that are au courant.

Here are some templates to print off to make your Jack-O-Lantern geeky over spooky.


You'll need to know how to "skin" a pumpkin, describes one site. The type of carving done with a peeler where you can create three colours in your pumpkin and not cut all the way through.


Fantasy Pumpkins has a few Angry Bird and Pig stencils for you to try with simple directions: The patterns are in gray-scale for you to tape (or glue) onto the pumpkin to trace. To use the patterns, the black color means to "cut through" the pumpkin, the gray means to take off the skin, and the white area means to leave that part alone.


Krystal Higgins also has some Angry Birds templates with the complete cast of 7 characters from the game and simpler instructions. Her designs pop and use a simple stencil and carve technique.


Pink Raygun has a Steve Jobs / Apple logo stencil that begs you to "carve different." You'll need some skills to make this one happen, it's very detailed.  They also have a number of other geeky stencils, including one for Dr Horrible.


Waylou has a huge list of more than 100 geeky stencils ranging from Star Wars characters to Geek icons like Ballmer, Jobs and Gates to an entire roster of gaming stencils.  Some of the stencils are detailed, some are simple but with more than 100 in the roster you should find something you can tackle.


Think Geek had a contest for templates last year and managed to scare up 57 different ones ranging from Darth Vader to Linux and Android icons.


Creative Type Dad puts out an annual collection (2010, 2009, 2008, 2007) of free templates ranging from Peanuts to Disney to pop culture icons (like Lionel Ritchie). His designs are simple and fun.


If geeking out isn't your thing, eHow has a good collection of more traditional Halloween faces, letters and motifs.

by Exalted Expert / Community Ambassador on ‎10-25-2011 03:00 PM
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