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Get ready for iOS 5 with iTunes 10.5

by Blogger on ‎10-11-2011 06:11 PM - last edited on ‎10-12-2011 03:44 PM by Administrator

itunes.pngFor all the iOS junkies out there you know that one of the essential parts of using an iOS device is iTunes. Sure, sure iOS 5 is going to bring wireless syncing, but you have to have the newest version of iTunes to do it. That latest version is 10.5 and it’s available now.


Covered by TUAW (and everyone else too), iTunes 10.5 dropped this morning ahead of both 10.7.2 (the expected update to Lion) and iOS 5 (because you’ll need iTunes to be updated first to use some of the new iOS features). If you haven’t gotten the little automatic software update prompt by now, just head on over to Apple to download iTunes manually. Now, this isn’t all just about iOS 5, though, this update (for Windows folks especially) fixes a number of security issues. So, it’s a good update, just cause.


As for us Mac folks, signs are the some of the security fixes (iTunes specific ones) are included today, the rest will probably come down with 10.7.2 (which is also expected tomorrow).


After you update iTunes, don’t forget that now is a great time to sync, back up, and transfer purchases from all your iOS devices. No, not all iOS devices will be able to jump to iOS 5 (my old iPhone 3G has hit its peak out in iOS 4), but let’s just say better safe than sorry.




Also, when you first launch iTunes and the first time you want to update apps from the App Store (or buy something) you’ll have to agree to the new iTunes license agreements. Minor thing, yes, but annoying nonetheless.



  • Update iTunes to 10.5 (Mac and Windows)
  • Sync and backup your devices
  • Transfer your purchases from your devices
  • Be ready for iOS 5 and 10.7.2 tomorrow :smileyvery-happy:.

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