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Google Turns 13, too embarrassed to be seen with us any more

by Blogger on ‎09-27-2011 11:50 AM


Happy birthday Google! I remember seeing this new “Google” thing when it first started off as an upstart search engine. From the beginning you could tell that the results were better and more closely matched what you were really looking for. I remember as a new blogger—using Blogger in fact—I got first crack at Gmail and haven’t looked back (that would be April 27, 2004). Now that Google is 13, a teenager, what’s next?


Will Google doodle’s start getting zits?


Is Google going to be moody and sullen and hang out in its room all day?


Texting its BFFs all the time about the stupid things we say?


Yeah, yeah, all jokes aside, Google has been hugely influential in our lives. I won’t say the most influential, but certainly in the top 10 (or my top 10, which as far as this post goes is all that matters).


Now, if you’re into Google Doodles (I hope you saw the Jim Henson tribute doodle over the weekend), Mashable has all the Google birthday doodles (Google only started when they turned four, before that Google just played with the cake and smeared it all over).


Oh and if you’re interested this is oldest Gmail message I have:

Hey Jon I’ve got GMail! As a Blogger user they offered me a trial of the new service. Nice interface. I’m interested to see how the Google ads show up in my mail.

Anyway I was thinking more about Jabber, and I looked at a couple clients and didn’t really like any that I looked at. While Shinkuro, isn’t 100% there yet, I see strong potential. I think it’s going to be my back-up IM client.


Good times.

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