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Hands On: Resistance 3

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The world as we know it has been lost. It has been four years since the events of Resistance 2 and the situation now looks dire. Instead of fighting the invading Chimera, the last of the human race have hunkered down and are just trying to stay alive. That's how we stumble upon our new hero Joseph Capelli.


Capelli is in hiding with his wife and child when he is approached by Dr Fyodor Malikov. The doctor says there still may be a chance to save earth, that is if they can get to New York City.


"Resistance 3 is all about heroic survival in a brutal world." says Insomniac's Ryan Schneider. "There is really no military left in the United States or really the world to speak of so it's up to him and Dr Malikov to thwart the Chimeran effort once and for all. Really at the end of the day Joseph Capelli is just trying to save his family."


Insomniac has many big changes planned for Resistance 3. We're talking new weapons and of course new enemies.


The first level Insomniac showed me was Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania where I was introduced to one of those new Chimerans, the Sniper Hybrid. These Chimeran not only sport the new DeadEye sniper rifle, they also have a cloaking device which make them difficult to see. Through the moonlight they were next to impossible to pick out from the landscape. Fortunately their new weapon is also their Achilles heal.


The DeadEye sniper rifles have a laser sight which cuts through the darkness. You can track down the source and pick off the Sniper Hybrids sitting amongst the brush on the hills.



I will say these new enemies are smart. They scour the forest floor looking for movement, Even when you duck into an old abandoned shack, the Hybrid Snipers are relentless, looking to see if there is any way to get a shot through the old deteriorating walls. Their laser sights often shone through the walls, ready to shoot at any sign of movement.


"We've gone back to the drawing board. We wanted to create more intelligent enemies that really were able to traverse the environment in a more aggressive way that we could have different enemy reactions whether it was defend attack, fan or cover." says Schneider. "This means the player can encounter different scenarios each time they play the campaign and this was one of our goals, to make sure this is a highly repayable experience."


The AI overhaul seems to have paid off. Even the man who designed the Mount Pleasant level was killed by enemies while showing off this never before seen level to the media. In fact he would have died a second time if he didn't jump into the developer menu and change some settings to ensure he wasn't booed a second time by the over zealous gaming press at the preview event.


Another big change those loyal to the franchise will notice is the massive environments. Schneider admits they spent much more time creating levels with multiple paths to follow. This was done to ensure players had a reason to pick up the controller again once they have completed the initial campaign.



After showing off Mount Pleasant for about 20 minutes it was finally time to get my on hands on the game. The level I played was far different from Mount Pleasant. Instead of running across a moonlight landscape, I was on a boat floating through a flooded out town in search of open water to try and escape the Chimeran infestation.


As we made our way through the flooded streets, Chimeran ran along the rooftops at our side, jumping on the boat in an attempt to end my mission. Lucky for me the boat had a crate full of ammunition which essentially gave me unlimited firepower to blow them away.


I found Resistance 3 brought the return of the weapon wheel, something which took a hiatus in the last Resistance game. This made swapping out weapons quite easy as I wasn't limited to carrying only two at a time like in Resistance 2.


I also discovered I was also able to use the environment to my advantage. Mutated plants with glowing pods acted like bombs as they exploded after being hit by my gunfire. They grew everywhere, which came in handy as the rooftops were often quite packed with charging Chimeran forces.


Much of the time I was on pins and needles as I made my way around the boat looking for Chimeran who were boarding from all sides. On a couple of occasions my heart began to race as the boat was brought to a halt after getting wedged in between large pillars of ice. This meant I had to pull double duty; fending off the Chimeran, and blasting away the ice with my weapons in order to proceed through the level.


Although I only had time to play the single player campaign, Schneider says fans will have a lot to look forward to in multiplayer mode. He claims multiplayer will flow from the campaign and will be a much more "seamless experience".


The other big thing to look forward to is the return of the giant bosses, something this franchise is quickly becoming known for. Although Schneider wouldn't go into specifics he said they will be just as big, if not bigger then what we saw in Resistance 2.


The game is certainly looking good. Even at this early stage the graphics were quite remarkable. Can't wait to get my hands on Resistance 3 again at this year's E3.

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