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How To Use iMovie For iPhone

by Blogger on ‎03-27-2012 05:57 AM - last edited on ‎03-27-2012 06:05 AM by Retired Moderator

imovie.jpgiMovie - $4.99


An entire HD editing suite in your pocket?  Well, if you have fine fingers, that's exactly what you have with the updated iMovie app for iOS.


Since I'm still rocking v1 of the iPad, I took iMovie for a spin on the tiny screen of my iPhone 4 and found and entire studio inside.


Simply shoot your video as normal, and then import it into the iMovie app where you can choose to edit your footage as a project, or a trailer.




Choose a theme where you can add titles to the front, middle, or tail of your clips.


Editing is easy - you simply tap a selection of footage to have two yellow buttons allowing you to trim the head and tail of each segment.


If you want to split a clip, simply tap it and then swipe down.  The clip will split at the red line play head.  iMovie supports scrubbing, so it's easy to slide back and forth and find the spot you want to splice.


Once you have a split clip, you can choose transitions.  For now you can do a cross dissolve, or a custom transition from each theme.  You can also choose how long you want the transition to last.


iMovie for iPhone iMovie for iPhone - 4 iMovie for iPhone - 3iMovie for iPhone - 5 iMovie for iPhone - 2 iMovie for iPhone - 1


After you get your edits down, and add your text - you can do voice overs with the mic button at the top, or add music tracks.



If you choose to make a trailer, everything is even easier.  Custom music, graphics, and templates help you tell the story.  The storyboard gives you a shot list helping you choose between tight, wide, or action to drop into the timeline. 

Each shot is listed, you simply highlight it from your footage and drop it in - done.  If you don't have the shot you need, you can press the camera button and shoot it right there to drop into the timeline.


iMovie iPhone




You can drop the completed work into the camera roll for emailing, or you can fire it off directly from iMovie to a number of social networks.


If you get stuck at any part, select the ? button in the home screen for a complete FAQ and How-To for your problem with iMovie Help, but frankly using iMovie was a breeze on the iPhone.  Having a complete edit suite on the iPad might make up for how ridiculous you look holding up the big device in front of your face whil you shoot.


Have you tried iMovie out yet for iPhone or iPad?

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