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How to get all the fun of a board game with a tablet

by Blogger on ‎10-19-2012 11:14 AM


Video games can be a lot of fun but there is often no good substitute for the social and casual fun of traditional tabletop games like card games and board games. With the increasing popularity of touch screen tablets, we’re starting to see the line between video and tabletop games blur. There a lot of great options out there to get a lot of the best aspects of both worlds combined.



The Settlers of Catan is a hugely popular board game already and has a great ipad incarnation. Its superficially simple and accessible but with so much nuance it stands up well over time, and won’t scare off rookies. The iPad version includes a tutorial and local multiplayer so you can set down your ipad on a table, sit around it with three other friends (or potential enemies) and start the fun. You can even customize a lot of the options, track game statistics, and enjoy some challenges. Unlike the traditional tabletop game version, you can even have some AI join your game if you’re short on players.



Carcassonne is another very popular board game that has found its way onto the iPad. Its a simple to pick up game, but can get complicated quickly as players build and expand. This game really benefits by the use of an iPad, which really simplifies scoring and simplifies the mechanics, speeding things up immensely.



Trivial pursuit is another big favorite. The boardgame doesn’t really benefit from the tangible board or game pieces, like with some games so it transitions well to the iPad. The game has thousands of questions, allows up to four players to sit around it, has a few game modes to mix things up, and even allows for player customization. Its a great way to play Trivial Pursuit with friends and family without being bogged down by all the little tasks involved in setting up a traditional board game.




Risk for iPad is also one of those games that benefits hugely by going digital. Playing with friends on a tablet is so much faster and efficient. I found it lots of fun and didn’t miss having the physical board to set up which can take a long time even for experienced risk players. With a touchscreen tablet you really can have all the fun of a board game with all the advantages of speed, efficiency, and flexibility provided by the latest technology.


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