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Kitchen Essentials According to the World’s Famous Chef, Jamie Oliver

by Blogger on ‎10-28-2012 07:19 PM - last edited on ‎10-31-2012 10:06 AM by Administrator


Jamie Oliver is no doubt a recognizable name in the world of cooking. His celebrity chef title includes hosting 30 television shows in over 100 countries, author of 19 books and restaurateur. The British chef recently made a visit to Canada to promote his book, Jamie Oliver’s Great Britain. More importantly, he was in Toronto to encourage healthy cooking among young people, by running the Junior Chef Contest. The rules for this contest, is to cook a delicious yet healthy meal in 15-minutes.


JamieGB.jpgOliver’s passion for food has extended to teach the youth about learning to love and respect cooking. If you haven’t seen his TEDtalk presentation, it’s worth checking out.


During his visit to Toronto, he made an appearance on the Marilyn Denis Show to talk about his list of kitchen essentials, as well as his favorite spices. Now it’s your turn to cook like Chef Oliver.


Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen Essentials:


-       Knives. Have a great set of knives. It’ll help you cut, slice, thin, dice, etc. easily and effectively. 

-       Peeler. A good one makes it easier to peel your vegetables. Plus, you can peel slices of carrots (or any other vegetables) to use for food decoration.

-       Frying pan. Get one with a thick base to even out the cooking.

-       Griddle pan. This is good for cooking meat, fish, and chicken.

-       Plastic tongs. To help with the mixing while your veggies, meats, etc is simmering.

-       Stone mortar and pestle. Only f you are serious about food. This is great to grind herbs, garlic, cloves, etc. Good tool to make dressing and marinate sauce. (Alternative is to use a coffee grinder to serve the same purpose).


Spices in Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen:

-       Fennel

-       Coriander seeds

-       Chili

-       Turmeric



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