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Le Twitter de France

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The middleman is getting eliminated. 


Those in sports, politics, or celebrity who have a message that needs to get out are not holding press conferences in the Web 2.0 world, they're talking directly to their audience with Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, blogs and more.

lance at le tourThe Tour de France has showcased some high drama over the past 10 days after race leads were stolen from favourites because of questionable team tactics, while other racers went against team strategy to take stages for themselves.  As the dust was settling on these mini scandals, the centrepieces didn't rely on having their quotes properly re-written in the press, they took to Twitter to explain the situation and clear the air themselves.

On Stage 14 of the race, long time Armstrong teammate and all around good guy, George Hincapie, was nipped by 5 seconds at the line by some final kilometre attacks by other teams.  Many accused Lance of leading the charge to keep his friend out of the race lead, while Armstrong took direct aim at the accusations.


St14 done. Sounds like there's quite a bit of confusion over this one... Noone, and I mean noone, wanted George in yellow more than me.

Our team rode a moderate tempo to put him in the jersey by at least 2 mins. Ag2r said they would not defend then they started to ride.

Until 10km to go he was solidly in yellow until GARMIN put on the gas and made sure it didn't happen.

And I reiterate. @ghincapie deserves to be yellow tonight. He deserves more than that. Look to who pulled the last 50k to see who to blame..

@lancearmstrong it's ok for garmin to chase he didn't help anyone at garmin win 7 tours
@billmackiernan exactly, that's why we were riding medium to let the gap get as big as possible...
@lancearmstrong There was a lot of confusion on TV for sure. Thanks for setting the record straight. George was **bleep**!
@bfogelstrom And george should be **bleep**. Very **bleep**. He can talk to his teammates who were n the bunch w/ us then perhaps it will be clear
@lancearmstrong Phil reported that you told the team to chase the break...i guess he was just making sxxt up, huh
@bbelshaw told astana 2 chase? Not true @ all. My vision was george would have YJ by 2 mins. Was reality til ag2r and garmin started 2 pull.

Last thing. There were 13 guys in the breakaway. We had 2 guys riding "tempo". That is not chasing by any stretch of the imagination.

The same thing happens on YouTube.  When Chris Brown wanted to make a public apology to Rihanna in their domestic assault case, he didn't hold a press conference, he set up a webcam and uploaded his thoughts to YouTube.



When Perez Hilton was "attacked" at the MMVA's in Toronto, he didn't call 911, he tweeted the emergency and then made a video.  Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys announced he was being treated for a throat cancer via a YouTube statement.


Conan O'Brien made a joke in his monologue last night about paparazzi stalking celebrities waiting for scandals to happen.  His joke was to make money he'd stage the scandals and sell the photos himself - eliminating the paparazzi middleman and making the money himself! 


When it comes to breaking news, or setting records straight, those in the spotlight are doing the same thing by speaking directly to the people.


The grand finale of Le Tour de France is this weekend with a climb up Mont Ventoux tomorrow and the parade down Les Champs Elysees on Sunday.  Here's a list of all the cyclists, managers and teams on Twitter. 


catch the buzz ... pass it on.


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