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Limited Edition Xbox 360 wireless Halo 4 controllers

by Blogger on ‎10-16-2012 05:57 AM



Its not too long before the official release of the latest installment to Microsoft's blockbuster Halo franchise. It already looks like its going to be quite popular this holiday season. With such a big game release, that of course also means we’ll see a lot of branded hardware and accessories to match. We’ve already confirmed a special Limited Edition of the game, as well as a Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 console bundle. Today lets take a look at the new Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 wireless controller.



10218229.jpgThis controller is different than the model that will come with the Limited Edition HAlo 4 Xbox 360 console bundle, featuring its own custom design. The Limited edition controller features a beautiful translucent plastic casing in a sort of smoke-tinted effect for a more layered appearance. The underside of the controller is similar in translucency but a more opaque, diffuse variant. Over that there is a halo themed design printed. Any fan of the Halo series will already be familiar with the UNSC logo thats emblazoned over the left side of this controller.



10218229_1.jpgAs you can see, this controller also has light blue LEDs in and around the Xbox guide button. That helps this controller stand out from your typical branded gamepads. It definitely gives it a unique look in concert with the translucency, much more fitting the Halo theme. Beyond that, its your standard wireless Xbox 360 controller. It has a transforming d-pad and otherwise standard buttons.


If you’re considering this as a gift for the Halo fan in your life, take note that it included two AA batteries too so its ready to play right out of the box too. It even includes a download code for a special Halo 4 branded avatar t-shirt so you can wear your Halo 4 fandom with pride.. If you act fast you can pre-order this controller through Future Shop bundled with a special Halo 4 Steelbook game case too.



SKU: 10210182

The Future Shop exclusive Halo 4 controller bundle includes one Halo 4 limited edition controller, and a copy of the Future Shop Exclusive Halo 4 SteelBook! Please note, the Halo 4 video game is sold separately.


SKU: 10218229

Take control like a true Spartan with the Halo 4 Limited Edition Wireless Controller for Xbox 360. Featuring UNSC artwork designed in collaboration with 343 Industries and a customisable D-pad that can be switched from the default plus to a disc, this is one controller any Halo fan will want. Also included is a download code for a bonus Halo t-shirt for your Xbox Live Avatar.





by Blogger on ‎10-16-2012 09:43 AM

Prettttyyy.  Brad will love this! 

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