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Lion isn't Perfect, here's how to tame it

by Blogger on ‎07-27-2011 02:07 PM - last edited on ‎05-02-2012 10:28 PM by Retired Moderator

3689966740_453bd1597d_b.jpgAs much as I really like OS X Lion (though the natural scrolling was a bust for me), there are lots of folks who’d like to tweak some things “back to normal”. Which is cool, that’s part of being a geek. So, I’ve found some great posts on how to tame Lion and bend it to your will.


First, almost all of these are Terminal tricks. Personally I use iTweaX for a lot of my tweaking and tuning, but sometimes you have to switch to Terminal.


GigaOm, MacWorld and TUAW have all the tweaks covered across the three posts. Yes, there are duplicates, but just humor me and read all of them.


Have I used any of these tweaks?


Nope, not a one.


I like the animations, I don’t often use key repeats, and the rest of Lion stuff doesn’t bug me.


Checking out my Library? Ok, fine I turned that one on. I guess I don’t see that as a “tweak” as much as “I need to fix something darn it and the Library is where the fix resides…”


One last note of caution … if the idea of changing things on the command line makes you squirm, just skip this. If you’re left wondering if your Mac is going to turn against you if you monkey on the command line, then monkeying on the command line isn’t for you.


Course for the rest of us…


sudo FTW.


Photo from Flickr

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