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LittleBigPlanet Journey DLC Coming Soon + More

by Blogger ‎03-28-2012 09:37 AM - edited ‎03-28-2012 07:08 PM



Sony has recently revealed that Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet and Thatgamecompany's new PSN game Journey are teaming up. If your heart melted just as much as mine did during my playthrough of Journey (you can check out my review at Review: Journey) and if you love the cute playfulness of LittleBigPlanet, then you'll love the new Journey Costume and Sticker Pack.  It's set to arrive sometime next month so you won't have to wait much longer! 


In addition, Sony has revealed a brand new costume pack to whet your appetite until the Journey Costume/Sticker Pack is released.  The Deap Sea Adventures Costume Pack is out now so check it out if you enjoy dressing up your Sackboy in even more fun costumes.  And how could you really resist with a face like that? 


Deep Sea Adventures Costume Pack


Fancy taking a dive in LittleBigPlanet? Then your Sackperson will need the appropriate underwater attire! Never underestimate Sackboy as he goes under the sea in his new Deep Sea Diver, Edible Crab, Anglerfish or Pufferfish Costume! Just try your best not to scare the Pufferfish…The Deep Sea Adventures Costume Pack is out now and costs $2.99.


Here are the contents of the Deap Sea Adventures Costume Pack:


Deep Sea Diver Helmet, Deep Sea Diver Suit,Deep Sea Diver Gloves, Deep Sea Diver Boots, Edible Crab Shell, Edible Crab Torso, Edible Crab Claws, Edible Crab Skin, Anglerfish Head, Anglerfish Jaw, Pufferfish Head, Pufferfish Skin


                LBP Deap Sea.jpg



And if that weren't enough, Sony is celebrating The Sackies 2011, an annual awards show that celebrates achievements amongst players, creators and sharers on LittleBigPlanet. And the winners are...




A huge congrats to all the winners, by the way!  


You can find out more info on

If you're interested in purchasing the Deap Sea Costume Pack or are anxiously awaiting the Journey Costume/Sticker Pack you can purchase a Sony PlayStation Prepaid Card at Future Shop. Just follow the product page link below: 



SKU: 10123761

Download exclusive games, add-ons and more with this $20 prepaid card for your PlayStation 3 and/or PSP (PlayStation Portable) systems.

Source: PlayStation Blog

by Retired Moderator on ‎03-28-2012 09:40 AM

That Video is pretty cool.

by Blogger on ‎03-28-2012 09:42 AM

Isn't it?  I love how much Media Molecule appreciates its strong fanbase.  It's amazing seeing their creations and playthroughs!  

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