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Motorola and Telus announce XOOM tablet; available in Canada April 8

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Fresh after launching the Atrix smartphone last Thursday, Motorola Mobility is back at it again today with its announcement for the XOOM tablet. The company has confirmed that the XOOM Wi-Fi tablet will have a release date in Canada on April 8, with Telus being the exclusive carrier that will include the 3G/4G version to follow.


Telus has come out as the exclusive carrier for the XOOM, and consumers will be able to purchase the tablet from Telus stores on April 8. The 3G/4G version to follow in the summer will also be sold through Telus. The carrier has already made it clear that they expect anyone with a phone that can enable mobile Wi-Fi hotspots will be able to use the XOOM. This means that the XOOM is agnostic, so it will connect with any phone, regardless of who the carrier is.


Telus has also been pushing its Flex Plans for the release of the 3G/4G XOOM in the summer. The way that works is that customers pay for at least 1GB of data per month, and then pay on top of that only for the data they actually use by pushing them to a higher bracket if they go that far.


The XOOM’s specs are pretty much the same as what was mentioned at CES in Vegas in January. It will run on Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) with a 10.1” HD display (1280x800) that Motorola is touting as “a higher resolution and more screen size in a smaller package than the leading competitor” — clearly pointing right at Apple and its iPad.


Under the hood, the XOOM will run on a 1GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM. There will be standard support for Flash video, including Google Maps 5.0 with 3D mapping. There will be rear (5-megapixel) and front-facing (2-megapixel) cameras for images and video chats. Plus, there will be an HDMI output for playback onto HDTVs and monitors as well.


Battery life should be about 10 hours, and it should charge at “nearly half” the time of “competitor tablets on the market”, which must mean the iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab, since there aren’t any others officially on the market.


A few accessories are also in the announcement, and they include a standard dock to prop up the device and connect it to external speakers as the device charges. There’s also Speaker HD dock for sending content directly to a TV or listening to music through the two built-in speakers. Lastly, there will also be a Bluetooth keyboard designed with Android shortcut keys. It’s expected that the accessories will be available at the same time the XOOM launches.


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