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PUMA provides pro-tection and style

by Blogger ‎07-25-2012 05:35 PM - edited ‎07-25-2012 05:35 PM



The iconic, sporty fashion brand Puma has leaped its tech-related gear boldly into Canada thanks to Future Shop. I've had the chance to touch, feel and try their products and I appreciate how they merge fashion and technology. Consumers are realizing those single-coloured headphones that go with the jeans and t-shirt, may not necessary go with the dress pants and collared shirt, for example.


Last time I spoke of Puma, headphones were the focus. Recently, I played around with some of their protective cases for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, cameras and backpacks. Here's what I found:



Cool-looking cases

As smartphones, mp3 players and tablets become increasingly popular - it’s becoming rare to meet someone without at least one - so does the demand for unique, personalized cases. Though most people you know may also have the latest iPhone, at least we have the luxury of making our electronics reflect our own personal style. 


If you’re a fan of the brand you can get a simplistic hard shelled case for your iPhone and iPod Touch, with the Puma logo and signature stripes. This durable case is sold in black/white, navy/cyan, grey/pink and retails for $39.99.


For iPhone users out there, Puma has also come out with an iPhone 4 and 4S Hard Shell Case. A standout case from this collection is the black pinstripe with a thick red horizontal stripe, called Formstripe. This case is not typically as sporty as the other Puma products though it offers an edgy style to your smartphone. 


If you’re looking for a cool way to protect and stylize your iPad, Puma has designed a number of iPad cases including the Puma El Rey iPad Portfolio. A few of these designs come in a checkered plaid design in shades of blue or purple. The puma logo is located on the bottom right hand corner of on the front side and the bold design ensures you'll never misplace your iPad again with this case hugging it.



Carry cameras in style



One of the most popular Puma accessories is their DSLR Camera Bag. This leather bag has one strap for over the shoulder wear and comes in three different colour combos. It provides a practical way to carry your camera around without sacrificing style.  CameraBagCLOSE.JPG


If over shoulder bags aren’t your thing, there's the Puma Camera Sling Backpack. This is a trendy way to carry around your large camera parts, without being strenuous on your body. The rugged-looking backpack includes all the necessary zippers and compartments for camera accessories and is available in white/black or red/black.


Point-and-shoot cameras remain popular items at Future Shop, and like smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and DSLR, must be protected.


The Puma Monoline Digital Camera Hard Shell Case features a raised Puma logo in flashy colours like orange and silver. The hard shell is great for keeping your camera scratch, dent free and well priced at $29.99. 



You won't look like a slouch with Puma backpacks and sleeves




I can attest, the Puma backpacks offered at Future Shop are beautiful and functional. Each backpack made by Puma features quality construction, including thought to where both a laptop and tablet can be placed inside. Check out the photo above to see a few more styles Puma offers - backpack and messenger bag style. 


Puma's laptop sleeves are head-turners as well and student-friendly priced at $39.99. They come in a medley of designs and constructed to fit a 13" and 15" laptops snuggly (e.g. MacBooks) and make porting the laptop from point A to B easy and scratch-free.






It's exciting seeing technology move towards not only with function, but with fashion too. Much like fashion runways share the hottest colours and style on a seasonal basis, I won't be surprised if we see brands like Puma continue to offer new, seasonaly-themed lines as they move forward in the consumer electronics space.


When you take a look at price, Puma's accessories are affordable, ranging as low as $29.99 for camera cases, and working their way up to $119.99 for their elaborate camera knapsack.





SKU: 10201373

Sometimes victory is a phone number. So take charge, listen carefully and get all the attention you deserve with the Puma Hard Shell Case for iPhone 4 & 4S.




SKU: 10204435

The Puma SLR Camera Bag makes it easy to bring your DSLR with you wherever you go, and look stylish while you're at it.






SKU: 10201494

The classic design of this Puma messenger bag lets you be practical and stylish at the same time. The bag comes equipped with plenty of space for all of your gear, and it's durable enough to keep up with your busy, active lifestyle.



SKU: 10201475

The Puma laptop sleeve combines the stylish, distinctive design of Puma with durable, protective materials. The result is a sleeve that'll turn heads while it protects your precious laptop.





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