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Preview: Pikmin 3

by Blogger ‎07-04-2012 12:42 PM - edited ‎07-04-2012 01:37 PM

After a lengthy eight-year hiatus, the Pikmin series is back and returning with a bang!  Set to launch during the release of the Wii U, Pikmin 3 features a vibrant, colourful HD world that truly pushes the limits of this already ambitious series.  This new instalment features all of the previous Pikmin species you grew to love, as well as a new type: Rock Pikmin.  The first of several new types and abilities, Pikmin 3 is looking better than ever.  


I recently got some hands-on time with the new instalment, which featured two timed stages: a boss stage and a gathering stage.  While the demo was primarily played with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, you could look at your map and change the camera angle with the Gamepad.  This way you could keep track of all of your Pikmin and make sure you didn't leave any astray.  So far, it's hard to say what other features the Gamepad will have, but I'm sure we'll find out closer to the game's release date. 




The gameplay is still as simple as ever, simply press the B button to gather your Pikmin together while you aim at targets using the remote.  As I gathered fruits and tackled enemies I eventually found some Rock Pikmin to add to my little army.  This type may be slow and unable to cling to enemies, but they are great at breaking fragile surfaces like glass or crystal.  


Next up was the boss stage, an arena-style battle against the Armored Mawdad, a centipede-like creature covered in a crystalline shell.  After spending some time with the Rock Pikmin in the last stage, I figured out pretty quickly just what I needed to do to lower the boss' defences.  By throwing Rock Pikmin at his hard shell and avoiding its powerful lunges and gaping mouth, I was able to quickly shatter pieces of the shell and expose the most vulnerable parts.  The boss battle wasn't necessarily difficult but offered a fun and fluid boss experience.  I can't wait to experience more.  


While not much has changed about the series' formula, Pikmin 3 is as beautiful as ever and is already introducing lots of cool new Pikmin, enemies and abilities.  This series has always had a knack at introducing new characters and environments while revisiting past traditions.  It's yours to discover. 




If you're not familiar with the Pikmin series, each of these little guys has their own unique abilities that will help you progress through the game.  Let's give a quick rundown of the different types:


Red Pikmin: These Pikmin are the most common type and are fire resistant.  They are also extremely resilient in battle. 


Yellow Pikmin: These Pikmin can be thrown higher than any other type. In the original Pikmin game they were capable of picking up bomb rocks, while in Pikmin 2 they were lightning resistant. 


Blue Pikmin: This species is capable of breathing underwater and are immune to water-based attacks.  They can also throw drowning Pikmin out of the water onto land. 

Purple Pikmin: These Pikmin are three times stronger than any other type and can carry ten times as much.  While this species is slow, the Purple Pikmin can temporarily stun enemies when thrown and can kill small enemies with one hit.  


White Pikmin: White Pikmin are poison resistant and cause enemy damage when eaten.  Being the fastest Pikmin species, they can carry objects much quicker than others. Their red eyes allow them to detect items underground as well. 


Rock Pikmin: The latest addition to the series, Rock Pikmin can be used to break glass and crystalline objects. These Pikmin can't latch onto enemies like other Pikmin. Rock Pikmin are big and slow like the Purple Pikmin, and can only carry their normal capacity.  


Pink Pikmin: While this type has not officially been announced, it's been featured in the developer demo for Pikmin 3.  Aside from its flying ability, not much else is known about this much-anticipated Pikmin. 


And here are a few other Pikmin types featured in the past: 


Mushroom Pikmin: Only appearing in the original Pikmin game, this type can only be found if a puffstool sprays one of your Pikmin with its spores. These Pikmin are very dangerous and will try to hurt you and your Pikmin. 


Bulbmin: Introduced in Pikmin 2, Bulbmin is a rare hybrid of a Bulborb and Pikmin.  This species is resistant to all elements.  


Pikmin 3 will be released on the Wii U during launch.  We'll keep you updated on the exact date. You can preorder this new instalment in the series to secure yourself a copy.  Until then, check out Pikmin 2 on the Wii, the lastest Nintendo Select title to be released.  

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The brave Captain Olimar has returned to marshal new types of Pikmin in a wild, open-ended adventure. On a mission to pay back his employer's debt, Olimar and his sidekick Louie must command squads of tiny Pikmin to help locate valuable treasures, exploring mysterious environments and battling pesky enemies along the way.

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