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Review: Creative Sound Blaster EVO Zx

by Blogger on ‎09-22-2013 08:27 AM


The Creative name carries some weight in computer audio. They have been one of the top makers of PC audio gear for decades now. Their ‘Sound Blaster’ name was once synonymous with PC audio technology. I spent some time recently playing around with the Sound Blaster EVO ZX, one of their Bluetooth headsets and I’ve got to say, they’re really still going strong. The only Creative products I’d used in the past has been PC soundcards so I had no idea what to expect with their headsets. I’m happy to say that all the great qualities I was familiar with from their soundcards are also evident in their headsets. These guys know what they’re doing.


Product Specs

  • FullSpectrum™ 40mm audio drivers 
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Virtual 7.1 surround sound when PC connected
  •  Integrated dual beamforming microphones



The Pros…
To start with, these headphones have a nice distinctive look to them. It looks edgy and quality, in red and black. The build quality feels solid and reliable without being heavy at all. While I often find on-the-ear headphones uncomfortable to wear for extended periods, I found the EVO ZX stayed pretty comfortable since they’re fully articulated and adjustable. To my surprise, I experienced no discomfort whatsoever.  Of course this headset isn’t just about how it looks, or how it feels. You also want it to sound good too. Well it doesn’t slouch there either. That’s the aspect where this headset really shines. The FullSpectrum 40mm drivers and onboard audio processing delivers a rich audio experience whether listening to classical music, jazz, rock, dubstep, movies, or gaming. You can take advantage of multiple sound profiles if you want to switch it up between different EQ presets too. You’ve got options with how you use it as well – Bluetooth, analog cable, or USB. You can even make use of the unobtrusive noise cancelling headphones.


 The Cons…
If you can’t tell already, I loved these headphones. The only gripe I have with them is with the onboard control buttons. All the buttons and controls on the ears are great to have, and can certainly come in handy but with this headset I found myself feeling around and searching for the right buttons quite often. Sure that’s something one might get used to but it could be a lot more intuitive to feel for the right button you want without taking off the headphones and looking at them.


Overall Rating: 5/5

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