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Review: Dyson Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum

by Blogger on ‎10-12-2011 08:04 PM

Don't let women tell you they don't want appliances as gifts. They do - if it's the right one.

4 years ago I sent my wife on an Easter Egg hunt around our yard culminating in her popping the trunk of my car to discover a Dyson vacuum.  She jumped up and down. She squealed. She clapped.  She was thrilled.



However, after a chat on the economics of our situation (she was 8 months pregnant), we decided to save a couple hundred bucks and take the Dyson back and get a Bissell.



There's a reason certain brands are more expensive than other brands.  It's called quality.


Think about it, you can go to a clothing knock off joint and buy the stuff cheap and have to replace it every few months, or you can fork over the real dollars for the real thing and 

have it last.


Our Bissell barely lasted 2 years before the handle broke off, the suction faded and it ended up in a dumpster. 


My wife replaced it with a Dyson DC33.


When I told her we were going to be testing the Dyson Animal Bagless Upright for a week, she clapped again with the same excitement I would have had if you gave me the iPhone 5 before anyone else.


Some quotes from my wife as she took the DC43 around our mix of hardwood and high traffic carpet through our 3 level home:


"It has an attachment with a grate thing on it so you can comb cushions for long pet hair. Looked great, but I didnt use it since we don't have pets."


"I didn't notice any real sucking difference between the DC43 (demo model) and the DC33 (our home model) both work extremely well and pick everything up first roll."


"The ball was easy to move it around, but I didnt find it much different than our model. It was light and maneuverable, but the ball didnt seem to add anything really special."


"It was very light to take up and down the stairs."


"I like one touch and you can empty out the full canister in the garbage, it's easy to clean. I like no bags and emptying it when you need to."


"The handheld attachment actually cleaned our high traffic and trampled cheap carpet on our stairs."


"I like the handheld stair attachment, it's got rollers inside. You can unlock it and pull the roller out to pull the hair out. It's like taking hair out of your brush. I thought that was awesome."


Don't take her word for it, witness this Twitter exchange between tech heavyweights Jeremy Owyang and Justin Levy


@jowyang: Just replaced vacuum, got a Dyson. It really sucks, and in a good way.


@justinlevy: @jowyang A Dyson vacuum is in the near future for me too after going through too many lower-end vacuums with a dog that sheds a lot.


It's okay to get your wife a vacuum as a gift IF it's a Dyson.

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