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Review: Dyson DC45 Digital Slim Vacuum

by Blogger on ‎10-25-2012 01:05 PM

Dyson DC45


When I received the Dyson DC45 in the mail, I was shocked at the size of the box. Dyson wasn’t kidding about bringing a slim vacuum to the market. This model looked to be on the Atkins diet. It’s skinny! Which is useful for people living in small homes or apartments.  Let’s get the skinny on the Dyson DC45.

The design and functionality of this vacuum is exquisitely beautiful. It can easily stand against a table, and look sleek. Holding this vacuum made me think I had some sort of superpowers. Similar to holding suction gun, and zaps all the dust, dirt, hair away. Please don’t judge, but I had a Terminator moment, and told my floor “I’ll be back.”


DysonThis Dyson uses its patent technology, Radial Root Cyclone, which generates the strongest suction power in order to effectively remove dust, dirt, and pet hair. In other words, it’s a vacuum cleaner with superpowers and never loses suction; it can get into and clean the deep fibers of your rugs and carpet. (Now, can you understand why I referenced Arnold Schwarzenegger!)


After testing this vacuum, I was a little embarrassed at how much of my hair it gathered after using it for a few minutes, on a rug that had been cleaned a few days ago. Pet owners will find it easier to clean any dog or cat’s hair. I tested it on my dusty hardwood floor, and it worked very well. The length of this Dyson is versatile that it can act like a vacuum cleaner so you maintain a straight posture to something that resembles the size of dust buster. The latter allowed me to detail the interior of my car. Lifesaver!


Once you open your tiny box with the Dyson Digital Slim, it’s easy to assemble. Plus, clean out the filter is a simple yet graceful. On the side of the handle, there’s a button to press. The door of the filter opens, and then you can easily pour out the yucky stuff into the garbage.


I love that it’s cordless. You charge it, and then the vacuum life is about 20 minutes before it needs digitalSlimRunTime.jpegto be refueled. Which seems like 20 minutes isn’t a long time, but then again, I don’t want to vacuum for longer than that timeframe. If you have a house, you might need more vacuum time.


The Dyson is lightweight, with a total of 5 lbs. I agree it’s light. But when you are holding it in one hand, it can add a little stress on your wrists. If you have sensitive wrists (arm), just be cautious on how you hold this device. Other than that, you’ll have a sense of being in an action movie while cleaning.


The price point is high at $450. Then again, a Dyson is the Louis Vuitton of vacuuming. You are paying for the label but also for its quality. Dyson is known for lasting a looooooooong time. From my experience, vacuuming was quick and easy (plus, your time is valuable). Happy Cleaning! 



SKU: 10213377

Equipped with Dyson's revered Root Cyclone Technology, the DC45 Animal is a cordless, compact, telescopic vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning the floor to the ceiling a snap. It features dual power modes for quick jobs or longer tasks. The detachable wand provides up to 66cm of reach, and it comes complete with a docking station that doubles as a charging station.

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