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Review: The MartinLogan Motion Vision Speaker Bar

by Blogger ‎10-24-2012 09:42 PM - edited ‎10-24-2012 09:50 PM


At a width of only forty inches, the MartinLogan Motion Vision Speaker Bar seems unassuming at first – the entire unit barely weighs twenty pounds. A closer examination reveals its seven unique amplifiers, which have been designed to deliver a punchy 100 watts of output... but does this speaker bar offer the kind of quality playback which you’ll be requiring for your media and music needs? Supporting a variety of wired and wireless external components, I’ll be examining Motion Vision Speaker Bar without the assistance of any satellite speakers – so we can get an unobstructed look at this device’s performance.


control panel -- left.jpgAesthetics

The Motion Vision’s sleek, shiny casing appears almost aerodynamic. Top centre, you’ll find the device’s simple control panel. It’s intuitive enough to figure out after a minute or two of flipping through the manual. Add a cool blue LCD readout to the front of the unit, and you’ve got a speaker bar that’s attractive without being overwhelming. With its elegant and accessible design, the Motion Vision should merge seamlessly with most upscale home theatre systems.












speakers exposed.jpg

First up was Jay Z’s single “Empire State of Mind”, from the fantastic album The Blueprint 3. Immediately, I’m greeted by the presence of the track’s dense, vibrant bass kick. The MartinLogan is definitely capable of rattling the walls, even on its lower settings. It’s noteworthy to hear such well defined low-end performance out of such a small sound system.

Next, I cue up “My Name is Mud”, from the 1993 Primus album Pork Soda. The quality of the Motion Vision really becomes apparent now. There’s clear distinction on low-end tones – “My Name is Mud” doesn’t sound muddy in the slightest. The bass slide in the final minutes of the song sweeps the room with a super-thick, vibrating presence – proving that the Motion Vision’s rear-firing bass ports deliver a nice compliment of smooth and static-free performance.

Finally, I thought I'd watch an episode of Family Guy – which should be a good test for vocal clarity, since the show offers such a dynamic range of talented actors. Mostly though, it gives me an excuse to watch Family Guy while I’m working. Sure enough, the MartinLogan did not disappoint. From Lois to Peter to the rolling score that accompanies each transition, the Motion Vision Speaker Bar kept lovely separation between vocal and musical elements – thanks, in no small part, to MartinLogan’s fantastic tweeters. A trio of Folded Motion transducers, they allow for ultra-fast, incredibly accurate high-end sound reproduction. Body is provided by four 4-inch speakers, which are the unsung heroes of this speaker bar – especially when Dolby Digital or DTS Digital Surround is employed.


With its sharply styled exterior and impressively responsive speakers, MartinLogan manages to deliver a potent, rich sounding speaker bar with their Motion Vision. It works extremely well in small and mid-sized rooms, and includes a two year warranty on both parts and labour.  If your television’s performance suffers from inadequate built-in audio, the Motion Vision might just be the solution that you’ve been looking for.

SKU: 10208267

The MartinLogan Motion Vision soundbar looks as good as it sounds, with a sleek, smoothly sculptured design that outputs stunningly-powerful 5-channel surround sound. Enhance your home theatre experience with precisely etched mid- and high-frequencies, along with powerful, commanding bass. It's easy to install on your wall or a shelf.




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