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Selecting the Right Projector Screen

by Blogger on ‎10-17-2012 08:48 PM - last edited on ‎06-26-2013 11:20 AM by Administrator

Your projector’s image quality will be largely determined by the projector screen you’ve chosen to watch your media on. With such a wide variety of options available, the selection process can sometimes seem a bit daunting. From portable units to motorized screens – let’s take a look at a few diverse solutions, and see if we can help you find the perfect companion for your projector.



elunevision 106 left.jpgElunevision 106” Motorized Projector Screen

Durably designed to allow for quick installation, the Elunevision Motorized Projector Screen can be affixed directly to the wall, or mounted via ceiling rack. Both mildew-proof and burn resistant, the Elunevision 106 is loaded with additional features, including: an extra-wide viewing range of 160 degrees... a heavy hanging bar to ensure that your screen remains flat and uncreased... and an additional twenty inches of black roll at the top of your screen, to accommodate an extra-high mounting. Add anti-static protection and a year-long warranty, and it becomes obvious why Elunevision is worth its regular retail price of $699.99.








elite tripod left.jpgElite Screens Tripod 85 Inch Portable Projector Screen

Need to take your presentations on the road? The 85 inch Elite Tripod offers a great fusion of portability and quality... and it can also convert your backyard into an open-air movie theatre in about fifteen minutes. Durably built to accommodate daily use, you’ve likely already seen this screen in countless classrooms and government buildings.

Equipped with an advanced auto locking system, this easy-to-transport unit delivers safe and consistent performance regardless of where you set it up. Its screen has been constructed from Max White material – allowing for a wide viewing angle while compromising neither colour nor contrast. Weighing less than seven kilos, the Elite Tripod Screen can be quickly disassembled and easily stored. With a reputation for reliability, and a very reasonable retail price of $138.99... Elite’s Tripod screen might just be the affprdable, practical solution you’ve been looking for.

elunvision triton right.jpgEluneVision Triton 100” Manual Pull-Down Projector Screen

A projector screen provides your home theatre with its crowning touch. Once the lights are dimmed, it’s the centre of attention for the rest of the evening – which is why it’s absolutely essential you pick the right one for your home theatre system.  The EluneVision Triton isn’t the fanciest screen available, but it can easily withstand heavy and regular use – thanks to its fibreglass-reinforced construction and simplified design. 

The most pronounced benefit of owning this Triton is, of course, its sheer size. At 100 inches, the Triton provides spectators with an enormous viewing area. Equipped with a black backing, this light absorbing screen benefits from its triple-layered construction – which prevents image saturation, and enhances on-screen brightness and contrast. Available in your choice of four different materials, there’s definitely a Triton built for your preferred viewing environment. Whether it’s the workplace or the living room, Elunevision’s $177.99 pull-down projection screen manages to offer big picture performance at a very affordable price.




by mbennet on ‎08-25-2014 12:46 PM

These are great suggestions for those looking for a larger size screen for indoor use.  Other types of screens that are popular and may better meet some people's needs are the variety of small portable tabletop screens and outdoor screens.

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