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Seven newsmakers of CES 2012

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While there isn't necessarily one announcement or product release dominating this year's CES headlines, there are several initiatives creating a lot of excitement among media and tech enthusiasts alike. Looking back at my week at this year's show, here are my seven newsmakers of CES 2012:


Seven newsmakers from CES 2012:

  • Televisions. The future of TV can be viewed simple – better picture quality. No more talk about smart, streaming, 3D – it’s back to basics with getting the best picture and resolution possible through OLED, 4K, Crystal Display and 8K. On the flip side, TVs are also getting more advanced with built-in cameras as well as voice and gestural control features. 
  • Ultrabooks. More than 75 models are set to launch in 2012 and of those, 50 per cent will have 14” and 15” displays.
  • Smart appliances. The connected world was easily demonstrated through what is now capable with wifi-enabled appliances controllable by smartphones. Both Samsung and LG had the powers of connected appliances prominently on display.
  • Tablets. Next generation tablets were paraded by major manufacturers. While smartphones were being unveiled in larger formats, e.g. the new Samsung Galaxy Note is a whopping 5.3” by phone standards, some tablets were shown in smaller formats, e.g. Toshiba showcasing a 5.1” tablet.
  • Microsoft generated a lot of media attention, given it was their final keynote at CES, after announcing, they would no longer participate in the show past this year.
  • Connected cars. One other interesting announcement from CES included the Facebook in cars with the Mercedes-Benz in-vehicle telematics system, designed for drivers and centered around the location of friends and businesses.
  • Celebrities. From Justin Bieber to Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clark to 50 Cent, Dennis Rodman to Robert Horry, each day at CES offered hordes of celebrities. Part of the fun of CES is seeing them at their assigned booths or randomly touring the show floor. They certainly add a level of excitement.

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Thousands upon thousands of exciting gadgetry were demonstrated at CES 2012. You can count on Future Shop to offer a number of them throughout the year. Stay tuned here or via Twitter (@FS_GetitFirst) to get the latest breaking product arrival news.


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