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SlingPlayer Mobile app now on sale for $14.99

by Blogger on ‎10-10-2012 12:35 PM

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If you have a Slingbox but don’t have the SlingPlayer app for your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be happy to hear that Sling Media has cut the price down by half. The app normally costs $29.99 per device, but you can now get it for $14.99 from Apple’s App Store, Google Play and Windows Marketplace.


The announcement comes as part of a promotion highlighting the impending launch of new Slingbox hardware devices in the U.S., with Canada set to follow in November.


Having the SlingPlayer app on your phone or tablet can be a gratifying experience. I speak from experience only because I was able to watch playoff games while out somewhere and catch up on recorded shows from the PVR when travelling and lounging in a hotel room. How can I forget watching the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers in the NFL playoffs at the airport while waiting for my flight home from Las Vegas after CES?


Some might have lamented the initial cost of $29.99 for the app, especially if it costs twice the amount to get it on a phone and tablet. Unlike other apps for iOS and Android, the tablet and phone versions are mutually exclusive, with slightly different interfaces and specs. You could argue that $14.99 is what the app should cost in the first place, but at least you can now get both versions for the original price of one.


The app itself hasn’t changed drastically as of late, though an update today for the iPhone and Android 4.0 handsets improves the video quality without eating up more bandwidth. The interface has also gone through a slight facelift. Unfortunately, the iPhone update doesn’t make use of the extra screen real estate in the iPhone 5, so you’ll still see the black bars on the sides.



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