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Sony Ericsson X-10 Mini unboxing and short review video

by Retired Blogger on ‎09-27-2010 12:06 PM - last edited on ‎04-27-2012 04:55 PM by Moderator


A couple of weeks ago, before the craziness of Fan Expo and TIFF, Sony Ericsson was kind enough to send us the new Xperia X10 Mini for us to review. In the video above you can see our un-boxing of the phone, and a short review, where I go over the main features of what they claim is the ‘The worlds smallest Android phone’. The X10 Mini was also recently awarded ‘European Mobile Phone 2010-2011′ by the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA).


Please note that while shooting the video I didn’t notice that a sticker with the phone’s IMEI # stuck to the front of the box, and some personal contact information, was clearly visible on camera – so my apologies for my clumsy attempt at blurring that confidential information out.


In addition to my comments about the phone in the video I want to add some closing thoughts – A lot of phone geeks, myself included, always lust after the latest, greatest, and most powerful phones. However we are but a small slice of the market, something that is not lost on Sony Ericsson. No the X10 Mini doesn’t run Android 2.2, nor does it have a 1 GHz processor. What is does have is a unique, small, form factor that will appeal to someone who is not necessarily looking for a smartphone.


With the X10 Mini, at the reasonable price it can be bought for on a 3-year term, someone looking at a cheap feature phone can now buy a proper smartphone, and enjoy all the benefits that an Android phone brings to the table. With that in mind I highly recommend the X10 Mini as a great entry-level smartphone in a very small package.



  • Amazing small device, yet the UI changes for the small screen make it very usable
  • UI performance for a 600Mhz Android 1.6 device is smooth and lag free
  • It runs Android, giving you access to thousands of great apps


  • It still runs Android 1.6, with no update in sight. 1.6 does limit your application selection (i.e. no official Twitter app)
  • All plastic construction, which ok, except that the screen is also plastic and scratches easily
  • No on-screen QWERTY keyboard (which would be hard to do on such a small screen anyways)

For additional information about the X10 Mini you can visit Sony Ericsson’s site here.


The X10 mini is available from Rogers on a 3 year contract for $29.99.


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