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The Best Old Skool Apps

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Pinball wizardMy son loves playing pinball. He's 4.  Each weekend he asks to go to a greasy chic hot dog joint that has a couple of stand up games and a pinball machine.  He's got a feel for the old school.


After the $8 dump of quarters I stopped and compared what real value the kids of today have in the App Store.  I used to blow $20 a week at the arcade playing Galaga, Elevator Action and Tempest.  My son can now do all of that for .99c. Forever.

Here are some top classics from the App Store


Atari's Greatest Hits

This is the grand daaddy of classic video games and it has the app collection to match.


The app is free, and that gives you Missile Command, but there are in-app purchases that can have you load up on 4 game packs for 99c each, or all 100 for $9.99.


Centipede, Pong, Lunar Lander, Tempest, Asteroids ...


Intellivision [free]

Our home video game system growing up was Intellivision. As with the Atari package, the app includes one free game (Astrosmash), and then each additional game is 99c - (much better deal than the $40+ we paid back in the 80s)


Namco [free]

A collection of lite versions of PAC-MAN, Galaga REMIX, Dig Dug, and others.


Electronic Quarterback / LED Football [99c]

This was the first battery powered pocket video game system I owned.  I loved it. The app is brilliantly true to the original.  The sounds are the same, the game play is the same, and the screen looks just like the original handheld unit.  The original 1978 game was called Electronic Quarterback, the app is LED Football. It was one of the first games I bought for my iPhone and it makes me feel like I'm 8 again.





Tetris [99c]

I have to include this timeless game that just last week was a freebie from Starbucks.  Yes, they now give out app codes when you pick up your coffee drink along with the free music selections - keep an eye for it.  I've just picked it up and it's instantly addictive, just as always.


Of course the ultimate accessory to play these vintage games is an iCade, a vintage arcade set-up for your iPad that we first discovered at CES 2011.


by eljoner58 on ‎03-23-2012 07:00 PM

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