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The Path More Shared (And The Growth Of Social Search)

by Blogger on ‎01-17-2012 08:09 AM

Path_icon.pngAlready I have a Facebook page, and a Facebook profile. I'm on LinkedIn, and Google+ The one I use the most is my Twitter account.


I gave up on Foursquare (I'm just not the right demo).  I have Instagram, but I'm not a social photo surfer, I prefer it for the photo taking than the sharing options.  I have a Pinterest account, but don't really spend much time there.


Google+ is creeping up in my use, but only because the long form content that people are posting there is reminiscent of the early days of Twitter.


if you're into Twitter, you'll notice many people have it synced with many of their other social network accounts.  The overlap of content is starting to build into many many layers and now ... there's Path.

The social network that limits you to Dunbar's Number of 150 friends is all the rage as people flock to this latest social network because of ... social overload?


Yes, apparently, we're sharing too much so we need a new social network so we can share less and keep tabs of it all.  


I'll load up Path and stick the icon in the "Social" folder on my iPhone, but I've already mentally put it in the same folder as Foursquare - the "delete" folder.


Here's a hint: stick to Facebook and stop accepting friend requests from people you don't really "know."




There's been much debate over the viability of G+. Here are my pennies:

I'm starting to spend more time there and I appreciate the conversations are like Twitter 2007 on there, but I don't know if the Facebook mountain is climbable. 

Honestly, how many places do we need to share minutiae and how much effort is required to make the feed of every site/stream totally unique? 24hrs in a day, that's all we get. Already mainstream Twitter has just become an RSS feed for Facebook stati (or vice versa). 

I'd be perfectly happy if this was just a nerd hangout.


That said, now that Google is including more of your social profile in search, it's importance has been raised. 

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