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This is the week that was...

by Retired Blogger on ‎06-06-2009 06:21 AM - last edited on ‎04-30-2012 05:57 PM by Moderator

e3.jpgWas there anything else happening this week?

Leading off the review of the week has to be the Electronic Entertainment industry Expo in Los Angeles. You may also know of it as E3.


We've got a whole lot of in-person Future Shop blog coverage as ace bloggers and hit the show this week. All their coverage can be found here (via the E3 2009 article tag).






TimeCover.jpgTime to Tweet

Twitter also continued to make the big time as Time Magazine cover-profiled everyone's favourite timesink. Articles include How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live, The top 10 ways Twitter will change American business the Top 10 celebrity Twitter feeds.


Keeping with Twitter for a moment, this week Future Shop launched three new Twitter accounts:

  • @FS_Deals - Sales, exclusive promos, contests and hot prices – tweets by the team
  • @FS_GetItFirst - Updates on new products, midnight openings and notifications when stock is in on the hottest products
  • @FS_Connect - Informative Blogs, hot forum discussions, helpful how-to videos & other expert advice from the Future Shop Community team.








Microsoft's search engine decision engine was released late last week, and this week there was reaction, repairs and reviews.


First up, users of Internet Explorer 6 began reporting 'odd' behaviour when trying to search from the browsers address bar. It seems that no matter what their default search engine was set to...all the results were generated by bing.

Then Steve Wozniak, one of Apple's founders, weighs in with his opinion of bing.


Later in the week, Nielson Online forecasts good times for bing down the road. The key reason is that:

Around one-third of all searchers, and 72 percent of heavy searchers (the top 20 percent of searchers that generate 80 percent of total searches in the U.S.) use three or more search engines per month. These heavy searchers are the ones that Microsoft will want to attract, since they drive the majority of search activity on the Web.






windows-7-logo.jpgWindows 7 will launch October 22nd

Microsoft's Windows blog calls it General Availability, not launch, but it means the same thing; pre-installed hardware and boxed versions of Windows7 software should be available to purchase on that date. Just in time for the holiday season :smileyhappy:









Google makes waves

Late last week, the big G announced Wave, the new way Google wants you to eexperience the Internet. This week select media and bloggers were invited to test it out and give their opinion. Here's some of what they found:




gchrome.jpgGoogle Chrome now available for Mac and Linux (sort of)
I've been a fan of Chrome since it was released on the PC. It's very light, very fast, has some very cool features. Now Mac and Linux users can experience Chrome too, as a preview / development release is now availalble. Check out more here and here.









Now arriving at gate 1.

As I mentioned last week, an upgrade for Flight Control was released to the Apple store app. approval process. Well, it's here. And it's awesome!


Flight Control has to be the best iPhone and iPod touch I've ever downloaded. Frankly, it's addictive.


The new version is even better, if that can be possible. The Beach is a very laid-back runway, where higher scores are the norm. The Carrier is tough! Not only do you get a lot of aircraft, but the boat rotates slowly too, so your carefully laid out approach strategy changes over time. Excuse me, I need to guide more aircraft in. More details on the Flight Control facebook page.


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