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by Retired Blogger on ‎03-07-2010 08:37 AM

Once again, the hype builds -- yes a shipping-pallet-load of iPad news
15 iPad mysteries remain - Steve Jobs is such a great salesman that he can actually give us a sense of familiarity with something we don't know anything about. Apple's iPad is a perfect example. But huge, fundamental questions about the device remain unanswered.

Such as...

Condé Nast Is Preparing iPad Versions of Some of Its Top Magazines - The first magazines for which it will create iPad versions are Wired, GQ, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and Glamour, the company plans to announce in an internal memorandum on Monday.

GQ will have a tablet version of its April issue ready. Vanity Fair and Wired will follow with their June issues, and The New Yorker and Glamour will have issues in the summer (the company has not yet determined the exact timing for those).

Books Now Outnumber Games on the iPhone
- People love their iPhone apps — after all, Apple has sold over a billion of them since it launched the phone. And a big proportion of those apps are games. But you know what else a growing number of people love to have on their iPhone? Books. According to Mobclix, which does mobile advertising for apps, the number of books in the iTunes store now exceeds the number of games for the first time since the device was launched, making books the largest category in the store.

Apple yanks Wi-Fi detectors from iTunes - Wi-Fi hotspot detecting applications are the latest on Apple's list of verboten apps, and even developers are being left in the dark as to why.

Wi-Fi detection is something of a niche: there were never more than a handful of such applications in iTunes. But now even those have vanished as Apple decided they were using a "private framework", and has pulled them off the shelves without explanation or apology.

iPad Available in US on April 3 - Finally, a date (but no CAD pricing) for US and rest-of-world release of the iPad - iPad will be available in both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G models in late April in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. International pricing will be announced in April. iPad will ship in additional countries later this year.

Will the iPad Be Missing a Few iPhone Apps? -...But if you recall, the iPhone ships with some apps that appear to be left out from the iPad: Stocks, Calculator, Clock, Weather and Voice Memos. What gives?

Apple didn’t respond to a request for comment, but I’m willing to guess Apple will just stick those apps in the App Store for a free download, and they’ll be the same apps as they were on the iPhone. After all, it’s unlikely there’s much to do with those particular apps to make them visually special for the iPad.

Why Apple Deserves an Oscar Too - ...another cinematic player was even more dominant last year: Apple. In the 44 films in 2009 that topped the box office for at least one weekend, an Apple logo or device could be seen in at least 18 of them.


The Courier - A bit quieter on the Microsoft front this week, except for some concept video that made the rounds of Microsoft's cool-looking Courier device. If it delivers on the concept, this could really be a market-leader in the Tablet/Pad/Netbook space.

Microsoft Courier's Devolution - Shifting from using Windows 7 as its core as Mary Jo Foley first reported to Windows CE6 and mobile guts puts it more squarely against the iPad, using a similar philosophical approach of scaling up to a tablet, vs. scaling down as Microsoft's always done before. (Which makes sense, given that this is supposedly J. Allard's project—he'd want to use E&D's own goods to power his tablet.) Also, mobile guts are cheaper than low-power laptop guts.

Microsoft sends flowers, card for Internet Explorer 6 funeral - Say this for Microsoft's Internet Explorer team, they've got a sense of humor. The people who make the Redmond company's web browser sent flowers and a card to the widely publicized "funeral" being held today to mark the passing of one of their own, Internet Explorer 6.

First Shots and Specs of Microsoft's Secret Project Pink Phone - The shots come just hours after a leaked advertising campaign for the Turtle outed Verizon as a carrier for the Pink Turtle, without so much as a mention of the Pure.

Microsoft ‘Betting Our Company’ On The Cloud - About 70 percent of Microsoft employees are working on cloud-related projects right now; that figure will reach 90 percent within a year, he said.

Ballmer’s remarks—made during an address at the University of Washington—may portend a change in mission for the software giant, which for years has talked about a future of software plus web-based services. Contrast that with the tagline Microsoft is now using for its cloud efforts: “We’re all in.”

How cybercriminals invade social networks, companies - So Alice clicked on the accompanying Web link, expecting to see Bob's photos. But the message had come from thieves who had hijacked Bob's Facebook account. And the link carried an infection. With a click of her mouse, Alice let the attackers usurp control of her Facebook account and company laptop. Later, they used Alice's company logon to slip deep inside the financial firm's network, where they roamed for weeks. They had managed to grab control of two servers, and were probing deeper, when they were detected.

Ubuntu dumps the brown, introduces new theme and branding - Ubuntu's distinctive brown look dates back to the very first version of the distribution, which was released in 2004. Although the style has evolved considerably since then and new colors like orange gradually gained a foothold in the desktop palette, brown has been the dominant color of Ubuntu's default themes for the past five years.

In three years desktops will be irrelevant - Google sales chief - Google believes that in three years or so desktops will give way to mobile as the primary screen from which most people will consume information and entertainment. That’s according to Google Europe boss John Herlihy who said that smart phones enhance Google’s mission to make information universal.

Popular Science Puts Entire Scanned Archive Online, Free - Gadget nerds: Prepare to lose the rest of your day to awesomeness. PopSci, the web-wing of Popular Science magazine, has scanned its entire 137-year archive and put it online for you to read, absolutely free. The archive, made available in partnership with Google Books, even has the original period advertisements.

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