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This is the week that was

by Retired Blogger on ‎09-20-2010 10:11 AM

A lot happened last week -- so much so that my usual weekend post was delayed. But, just in case you'd missed some of the more interesting things that happened last week -- here ye be! Ya Harrrrrrr! New stuff happened this past week -- new Twitter, Boxee, IE9, Facebook competitor, and more! Oh my!


New Apple TV's iOS can be jailbroken and made to run apps?
Remember the mysterious reference to iProd 2,1 that appeared in the iPad's code? We thought it might be a new CDMA or camera-equipped iPad, but it just might have been the new iOS-based Apple TV instead. Diving through the iOS 4.2 beta, a TUAW tipster allegedly uncovered the above key, which hints that we might have been right about the device's app potential all along. Though Apple may rely on a simpler media streaming UI for the home theater to enhance accessibility and ease of use, there's always the chance the community might jailbreak the $99 set-top box to do far greater things.

Fly on the wall says Apple made Newsday kill funny iPad ap ad
Yesterday we were speculating about whether Apple was behind the sudden disappearance from YouTube of a newspaper's funny iPad app ad that depicted a Dad "forgetting" that an iPad is not a rolled up newspaper and using it to swat a fly ... with predictable results; the iPad shatters into a million pieces and we all get a good laugh.

The video went seriously viral ... before the most widely distributed copy disappeared not only from YouTube but a whole bunch of news sites and blogs, including this one.


Internet Explorer 9 beta review: Microsoft reinvents the browser
I sat down with Dean Hachamovitch, General Manager of the Internet Explorer division, earlier this month for a first look at the IE9 interface and a discussion of Microsoft’s goals and its competition. Since that meeting, I’ve been using the IE9 beta extensively on multiple PCs, including my primary desktop and notebook computers. Based on that experience, I have some preliminary answers to the questions you’re asking: Is it fast enough? Is it compatible enough? Is it cool enough to win back former IE users who have switched to other browsers, first to Firefox and more recently to Google Chrome? And will this shiny new browser be able to rehabilitate the tarnished Internet Explorer brand?

Microsoft "Halo: Reach" sales hit $200 million on 1st day
Microsoft said its new videogame "Halo: Reach" had racked up $200 million in global sales on its launch day, building strong momentum for the November debut of the Xbox 360 maker's new gaming system.

"Halo: Reach," the latest in the blockbuster "Halo" series, is a key title for Microsoft heading into the holiday shopping season when it and archrivals Nintendo and Sony Corp clash with new products and look to reverse a recent sales slump in the $60 billion game industry.


Google’s Android Eating Away at Apple, BlackBerry Lead

Google's Android mobile operating system is slowly chipping away at the market share lead of iOS from Apple and BlackBerry from Research In Motion, according to a report from ComScore. The report highlights Android's growth this summer, noting that it was the only platform to increase its market share.

Android recorded an increase of 5 percentage points in market share in July, compared to earlier this year, according to the ComScore report. Meanwhile, Apple lost 1.3 percentage points, RIM went down by 1.8 percentage points and Microsoft lost the largest share of the market with a decline of 2.2 percentage points, the report says.


Nielsen: Bing Passes Yahoo To Become #2 Search Engine
According to Nielsen data out this morning Microsoft’s Bing has passed Yahoo to become the number two search engine in the US. Nielsen says that Google’s August share is 65% (and growth is flat) but that Bing and Yahoo have now switched places.

How the New Gives Your Favorite App a Run for Its Money
Forget your favorite Twitter app: the newly redesigned's two panel layout adds rich media, keyboard shortcuts, infinite scrolling, and conversations to what used to be a plain old website. The redesign's rollout began tonight. Here's a preview of the new features it gives you, in your browser--no app required.

Twitter’s New, Fantastic, Super Design?
Judging by the breathless and enthusiastic reaction to Twitter’s new look and feel (aka “A Better Twitter”) you would think that Twitter had reinvented the wheel or discovered slice bread.

Fraudulent Groupon Photography Deal Calls Attention To Service Drawbacks
A photography deal offered on Groupon in Atlanta yesterday turned messy when it was revealed that the photographer had promoted her work with stolen images and was far from equipped to carry out the terms of the Groupon.

Ye best be gettin' ready for the turn o' the calendar since ye missed it this yearrrrr.

Thar be danger in the social media seas — sour enemies tellin’ tales that aren’t ‘tall funny. Ye scurvy dogs want only the best when ye enjoy ye Internet (Internet) memes!

These five selections be just a few o’ th’ ways ye and ye hearties can set sail together this evenin’, so be sure and parlay in th’ comments if ye be havin’ any other clever ideas.



HDCP 'master key' supposedly released, unlocks HDTV copy protection permanently
Just as the MPAA is preparing to offer movies to customers at home while they're still in theaters by limiting playback to DRM-protected digital outputs only, the HDCP protocol they rely on may have been cracked wide open. All devices that support HDCP, like Blu-ray players, set-top boxes and displays with HDMI inputs, have their own set of keys to encrypt and decrypt protected data and if keys for a particular device are compromised, they can be revoked by content released in the future which will then refuse to play. Now, posts have been floating around on Twitter about a supposed "master key" which renders that protection unusable since it allows anyone to create their own source and sink keys.




Your Turn
So, did I miss anything? What online story really got you going this week? Link to it in the comments!

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