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Wii U Third-Party Ports 101: Mass Effect 3, Ninja Gaiden 3 and Arkham City Armored Edition

by Blogger ‎10-11-2012 08:47 AM - edited ‎12-12-2012 01:55 PM

Wii U releases.jpg


Probably one of the most exciting parts about the Wii U is the enormous list of games scheduled for release.  Ranging from first-party to third-party, there's plenty to offer this holiday season; however, you might have noticed that some of those third-party titles are ports. Wonder what makes these releases so different from the originals?  Let's check them out!  


Each week I'll be covering three third-party ports, and the new features they offer on the Wii U.  Let me know what you think, and if there are any you plan on picking up yourself! 


                                                                      Mass Effect 3




  • One of the key features in the Wii port of Mass Effect 3 is the ability for you to see level maps on the Gamepad's controller screen. Here you can see not only the level map, but also dots indicating where enemies are located as well as where grenades are being thrown. While seeing enemies and grenades is an advantage, I don't really see this as being a necessary new feature... 
  • Another key feature are customizable buttons that allow you to map up to eight different powers; usually, you're only able to map three powers to three buttons. Unfortunately, if you want to play the game through the Gamepad instead of the television, these mapped-out powers revert to the traditional three buttons.
  • The port will also introduce exclusive weapons, like the heavy duty Ladon which will let you hit up to eight enemies at a time. The port will also allow players to experience the original Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 through an interactive Dark Horse comic.  
  • And if you're hoping for some added content, you can also expect immediate access to the "From Ashes" DLC pack as well as the Extended Cut DLC.  


Mass Effect 3 will be released on November 18 as a Wii U launch title.  You can pre-order it at Future Shop: 





                                                                         Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge



  • One of the key features of this Wii U port have to do with the Gamepad's touch screen capabilities.  Here you're able to select weapons, execute Ninpo, see in-game info and much more.  
  • The game will also introduce six exclusive weapon types and three Ninpo types for even more in-game variation and strategy.  
  • Razor's Edge will also include series protagonist, ninjitsu master and total babe Ayane as a playable character.  She will have her own single-player chapters, and will have her own set of weapons, skills and Ninpo spells. She will also be available for 2-player co-op alongside Ryu, or online multiplayer for up to eight players. 
  • There will also be a new Chapter Challenge, which allows you to replay any chapter using either Ryu or Ayane. 
  • Also expect several new enemy types and improved enemy AI for even more variety and challenge in battle. 


Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge will be released March 2013. You can pre-order it at Future Shop:  






                                               Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition




  • Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition will feature several enhanced gameplay mechanics made possible with the Wii U's Gamepad.  The touch interface gives you quick access to the Batcomputer allowing you to find missions, upgrade weapons, personalize your gadget loadout, detect enemy movement through sonar and much more.  
  • Gadget mechanics will be implemented into the Gamepad and will let you steer the batarang, hack locks and set off explosives. 
  • The new B.A.T. mode gauge builds up everytime you perform combos, and when full, you can unleash a devastating series of takdowns. 
  • The evidence scanner allows you to scan locations in detective mode with your Gamepad for a more immersive experience.

Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition will be released on November 18 as a Wii U launch title. You can pre-order it at Future Shop: 


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