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Wine Guru Makes Picking a Wine Easier

by Blogger on ‎08-10-2011 03:34 PM

Photo Aug 10, 2 01 45 PM.pngUnless you happen to be a sommelier (or sommelier-savant), picking a good wine for a meal can be tricky. Oh sure, we all have our favs, but what if you’re in a restaurant and it doesn’t have your favs? Right, problem. If you have an iPhone, there is a made-in-BC solution that just might help you—Wine Guru. Let’s have a look at the label, then shall we?


Here’s how it works…


In the “simple mode” you first start with a cuisine (American, Asian, etc), then the various things you’re having with your meal (which meats, which veggies, etc) and … with a button press you have a wine choice.


Here’s an example for you. Tonight I’m making some breaded fish fillets, roasted baby potatoes, and braised carrots for dinner. I ran through the options and picked “I don’t care” for the price (yeah I know most of the time we do care about price) and got…


Photo Aug 10, 3 18 27 PM.png


Photo Aug 10, 3 18 34 PM.png


Photo Aug 10, 3 18 55 PM.png



Photo Aug 10, 3 20 50 PM.png


Okay, well sort of. While there are a lot of BC wines in the database (and many of my favs), I can’t note my preferences in which wines will come up first. I’d really like to have a preference to have a particular region’s wines brought up to the top of the list.


I’d also like to be able to see more matches without having to keep hitting the “broaden” button as well as more than three options when I click “more wines like this”.


Hey I think the app is great and if I’m out at a restaurant and need to find a wine, I’m going to try it. I just think people might run up against “None of these wines the app picks are here…” issue.


From what I’ve read, there are big plans for the app, like where you can buy the suggested wines, and I’m sure all the feedback is going to make a great app. Since the app is free … it’s certainly worth getting.


Hat tip to Techvibes

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