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For the love of Pinterest and Instagram, most of us are apart of the Do-It-Yourself trend. Many of you have pinned or liked many yummy looking dessert recipes. Now it’s your turn to decorate your desserts and post them on Pinterest for everyone to admire (and even inspire).


The OLED Revolution is Almost Here

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Televisions, monitors, and any type of mobile device with a screen – all of them are about to change, and it’s all thanks to OLED technology. LED and LCD televisions both rely on the presence of a backlight to make their images bright enough to enjoy. OLED does not. All OLED needs is a surface. Picture a TV screen that can be literally printed onto paper, cloth, or plastic. Now you’re truly beginning to understand how this technology is going to revolutionize everything.


Logitech's new Solar Keyboard Folio

by Blogger on ‎08-17-2012 05:33 PM

Logitech_Solar_KB_Folio_Noir_1.pngThere is no shortage of options if you're in the market for an iPad keyboard to take back to school. They're great for turning your ipad into all-day word processing machines and perfect for lectures, saving you the need for a laptop in addition to your already great tablet. There are all sorts of various keyboard docks, cases, and mobile bluetooth keyboards available in a wide variety of shapes and configurations. For a while it seemed like we've seen it all and there wasn't much room for innovation. Logitech surprised us all though, with the new Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad.


Rocksmith Bass

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This week Ubisoft released the Rocksmith Bass Expansion DLC. This add-on content lets owners of Rocksmith on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to step up their game to play Bass guitar too, in addition to the existing support for electric guitars. 


Review: Nintendo 3DS XL

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3DS XL.jpg


It shouldn't be a surprise that Nintendo is already releasing a revision of the 3D capable handheld, the Nintendo 3DS. Despite a slow start in sales, the system pulled through, eventually selling several million units within the first year.  With sales now higher than ever, there's no better time to release the jumbo-sized revision: the 3DS XL.  While we primarily hear of the system's larger screens and overall size, there are many more changes to take note of.  



If you’ve ever worn a pair of corrective lenses, you know how much of a pain it can be to wear them and shoot through a viewfinder on a camera… but if you take your glasses off, you’re stuck with an experience that’s permanently out of focus, even if your pictures aren’t! And if you want to use manual focus at all, you’re out of luck–how can you focus on something that you can’t see?


Well, you’re going to want to look for something on your camera called a “diopter”. Here’s how to use it.



NBA's Tristan Thompson at Future Shop's downtown Toronto store next week

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Exciting news for NBA fans in Toronto: Thanks to HP and the NBA, Canadian, rising star NBA power forward/ centre Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Caveliers will be at Future Shop's downtown Toronto store next Thursday, August 23, 2012. 




How to Cook Corn in Your…Microwave!

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On my drive back from Kelowna, I stopped in Chilliwack to pick up a bag of fresh corn.  I love eating corn on the cob in the summertime, especially during a BBQ.

The good thing about corn is that it makes a perfect snack at home or in the office. How can you make it so that it’s fast and easy. All you need is your microwave. And it won’t sabotage the taste. Trust.


Louis Vutton Waffle Maker

For many fashionitas, they’ll drool at the concept of anything that involves the Louis Vuitton brand, even if it’s their very own waffle maker. While others will think that just too…hmm, what’s the word…“excessive.”  But that didn’t stop the Los Angeles-based artist, Andrew Lewicki, from creating a Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker. Oui Oui!


How Blu-ray Emerged Victorious

by Blogger on ‎08-16-2012 02:02 PM



In February of 2008, Toshiba announced that they were shutting down production of their HD DVD technology. Developed to be a competitor to Sony’s Blu-ray format, only two years had passed since the first HD DVD player had been released. Partnered with Microsoft, Toshiba had seemed poised for market domination. They were quick to make auxiliary hardware available for the XBox 360, effectively converting it into an HD DVD player. Unfortunately for them, this strategy failed to capture the public’s imagination. Besides, the PlayStation 3 had already been released in November of 2006. Not only a fantastic gaming system, it was also a standalone Blu-ray player – requiring no additional add-ons. This capability would be a decisive factor in how Sony’s Blu-ray technology won the format war.


Projector Placement & Calibration

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Congratulations on the purchase of your new projector! It’s now time to convert an area of your home into your own personalized theatre. When deciding where to install your device, there is one key question which will lead to all the answers you’re looking for: how often do you wish to use your projector? There are two primary types of users – occasional, and frequent. We have separate tips for each of you, so stay tuned and we’ll have your projector up and running in no time.


Monster Diamond Tears Edge review: Ear jewellery with studio-like sound

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Forming an alliance with J.Y. Park, Monster has now released in Canada, the Diamond Tears Edge headphones. These beautifully-crafted headphones can be described as "edgy" like diamonds and smoothly contoured with tear shapes forming around each cup. 



Review: Sphero Robotic Ball

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Sphero is a robotic ball that can be controlled on an iOS or Android device through a Bluetooth connection.  Using the multi-touch capabilities of these devices, you can move Sphero around indoors, outdoors and even on water. It is available online from Future Shop for $129.99


How I'll be mud-free at Tough Mudder thanks to Samsung

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I pronounced to the world via the Tech Blog my venture into this weekend's Tough Mudder in Barrie, ON, thanks to encouragement from Samsung Canada and Future Shop. With just three days to go, and a couple more workouts to squeeze in before taking on the 10+ mile obstacle course, I'm pumped.









Out now: Sleeping Dogs

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It's been a relatively slow summer for gamers but today is the day - one of the biggest video game releases of this summer is finally upon us and available in stores across Canada. Sleeping Dogs is out now, and gamers are already getting their hands on their pre-ordered copies, complete with Future Shop exclusive Sleeping Dogs steelbook pre-order bonus. If you still haven’t committed to picking up this hot title, lets take at look and maybe you’ll be convinced.


High fashion and high-performance: Monster Inspiration headphones at Future Shop

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Monster Products continues to walk the runway by introducing two new over-the-ear headphones: Monster Inspiration and Monster Diamond Tears Edge. Both offer amazing quality sound as expected from Monster, and they certainly deliver when it comes to style.



ASUS Transformer Pad 700

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ASUS has had a lot of success with their very popular Transformer line of Android tablets, remaining one of the best alternatives to Apple’s juggernaut iPad tablet. Asus isn’t resting on their laurels either. They’re back the new Asus Transformer Pad Infinity which looks to be the best yet.


Papo & Yo Is Out Now!

by Blogger on ‎08-14-2012 11:05 AM



Here's one game I've been dying to play since first checking it out at a Sony PlayStation event awhile back.  Part of the PSN PLAY summer program, Papo & Yo is puzzle-platforming adventure about a young boy named Quico whose troubled childhood leads him to an imaginative new world -- a manifestation of his real life.  Here he interacts with several characters, including his best friend, Monster, and builds relationships with them.  Papo & Yo is a personal coming-of-age story you need to see to believe. 


Zombie Films: A Brief History

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George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead was the film that started the entire modern zombie movie genre. This low-budget vignette tells the story of a collection of rag-tag strangers trapped in a farmhouse. Their assailants, a hungry horde of the undead, have surrounded their shelter and are attempting to force their way inside. It was followed up by a sequel – the original Dawn of the Dead, which caused shockwaves amongst critics and audiences alike. Released in 1978, it was much more than a run-of-the-mill horror flick. The original film presented a cutting treatise on the political landscape of late-seventies America – and it shook the very foundations of its culture, as it still does to this day.


Review: Acer Iconia Tab A700 Android tablet

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A700_black-silver-front-back.jpgJust in time for the Back to School season, Acer's well rounded Iconia Tab A700 features 10.5 hour battery life, 32GB of storage 1080p HD resolution, MicroSD and microUSB expansion as well as Android 4.0 goodness for $449.99 now at Future Shop.



If you’re like a lot of folks out there you’re happy with the shots that you get on your camera with it in automatic mode. It’s usually a green square, but sometimes it will show  up as a green camera or a camera with a plus on it. Sometimes you won’t see a dial at all, it’s becoming more and more common for cameras to hide their additional shooting modes in software. That’s not a surprise given the addition of touch screens; it makes navigating camera software a whole lot easier!


But if you’re interested in know what some of the things on your dial mean, read on!


Gearing up for the Tough Mudder

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ToughMudderLogo.pngTough Mudder, the 10-13 mile obstancle course designed by British Special Forces testing physical and mental toughness hits Barrie, ON this weekend. After some encouragement from Samsung Electronics Canada and peers at Future Shop, yours truly is competing in this charity race.


Darksiders II Is Out Now!

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The time is finally here! If you played Darksiders you got to experience a unique new take on the action-adventure genre, Darksiders II takes everything you enjoyed about its predecessor and expands upon it in some really interesting new ways.  Most of all, it takes a very familiar game and atmosphere and changes key gameplay features in order to create a whole new experience. 


3DS XL.jpg


Let me get this out of the way, 2011 has been a big year for Nintendo.  Whether we're talking about the Wii U announcement at E3, the amazing video game lineup this fall and winter, or the rise of the Nintendo 3DS system (which has reached monumental heights since launching back in 2011) Nintendo has plenty to celebrate. Kicking off the excitement are two big announcements I'm sure many of you anticipating: the launch of the 3DS XL and New Super Mario Bros. 2.  Hand-in-hand, these two make a deadly combination, and I mean that in the best way possible.  


Plunging into Plasma

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home theatre image.jpg


On a fateful day in 1964, an ingenious trio invented the Plasma monitor. Initially, the device created by Donald Bitzer, H. Gene Slottow, and Robert Willson could only display monochromatic graphics. Early versions of these monitors were manufactured in one of two flavours: orange and black, or green and black. That’s fine if you’re watching a documentary about where tangerines are grown, as long as it was shot entirely at night and the whole film takes place in an orchard. For everything else, this technology was severely lacking – and would stay that way all the way until 1992. That’s when Fujitsu released the world’s first full colour plasma display, a 21” marvel that impressed audiences worldwide thanks to its groundbreaking picture quality.


Are We There Yet? 5 Tips for Traveling with Babies & Children!

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"Are we there yet?" It's a saying most parents get used to hearing when traveling with babies and children! Getting away is fun, but, let's face it, the 'getting there' can be plain ol' stressful with young children in tow! Since there's only a few weeks of summer left to get away with family before the fall school routine begins (eek!), I thought I'd share a few of my tried and true tips on how to travel with children (without losing your mind ;-)).



The first great advantage of Drive is that you'll find a list of country maps all over the globe available to download. Nokia offers mapping data for 190 nations, and it collects information from Nokia Drive users and local authorities to provide traffic alerts in 26 countries. Really cool.



Panasonic’s GF5KK is lighting things up at Future Shop, it’s one of the most popular Micro Four Thirds Cameras from the Japanese manufacturer ever! It’s got lots of great new features, so here are five of them that I really like.




With a new high dynamic range or HDR mode, the GF5 can deliver natural looking images, even in the most challenging lighting conditions. HDR, creates incredible photographs by taking three images, one normally exposed, one over exposed, and one under exposed, then combining them in-camera with the VENUS engine. Here’s how to use it.



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