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Getting WoW Ready: Razer Naga Hex MMO gaming mouse

by Blogger ‎09-08-2012 10:05 AM - edited ‎09-11-2012 12:04 PM



By now I’m sure most World of Warcraft fans are well are of the impending release of the Mists of Pandaria expansion and starting to take a preemptive self conscious look at their gaming PC setup. One of the more popular upgrades for WoW fans is the Razer Naga Hex gaming mouse which may as well have been purpose built for MMO gamers. 


Getting WoW Ready: Gaming PC roundup

by Blogger ‎09-08-2012 09:39 AM - edited ‎09-11-2012 12:03 PM

mists.pngAs we inch closer to World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria with each passing day we’ve been looking at some options to help you get everything ready for it's arrival so you can hop right in and have the best possible experience with the new MMORPG expansion. We’ve looked at a few accessories so far but what if your computer is starting to show it's age. Perhaps it's time for something new, so lets take a look at some of the gaming computers you might want to add to your shopping list.




With more than 10 million users in 190 countries Kobo has pioneered the eReader market, catching the world by storm with their increasingly innovative line of eReaders and tablets.  They've changed the way we think of reading, offering more options and versatility while you enjoy the books you can't help but sink into. To celebrate another successful year of eReading and expand upon their current line, Kobo is introducing three new models to the family: Kobo Glo, Kobo Mini and Kobo Arc. 


Surround Sound Speaker Strategies

by Blogger ‎09-07-2012 07:05 PM - edited ‎09-07-2012 07:11 PM

banner copy.jpg


Sometime between the Industrial Revolution and the era captured by the fine television series Happy Days, all sound systems were basically mono. A single channel, cranking out a low quality crackle.  When stereo later gained prominence, it proved an important scientific fact: sound could actually come from more than a single place. In the 21st century, we’ve all become familiar with Surround Sound – which can easily and quickly be optimized to specifically enhance the audio properties of different locations.





With such a variety of screen sizes available today, it's hard to know how large of a screen will work in your room.  While recommendations can vary, the standard* seems to be that the TV should be no closer to the main seat in the room than 1.2 times the size of the screen, and no further than 2 times the size of the screen.


Fan Expo Canada Showcased Hot Upcoming Game Titles (Photos!)

by Blogger ‎09-05-2012 10:43 PM - edited ‎09-06-2012 01:16 PM

253941_10101329047530172_1915380774_n.jpgThis year I once again had the privilege of attending Fan Expo Canada, which celebrated its 18th year as the biggest gaming, comic, sci-fi, anime and horror event in the country, and one of the largest in the world.


Review: Sony PRS-T2 eBook Reader

by Blogger on ‎09-05-2012 07:37 PM - last edited on ‎09-07-2012 01:51 PM by Administrator



Sony has a new eReader on the market. The PRS-T2 refreshes their previous model of Reader Wifi which was already quite popular. It brought some unique features to the table and had an attractive price point. This new model keeps all the things we liked about that previous model and adds things like direct integration with Evernote, smoother performance, and a more refined package overall.


Blu-ray Review: Jaws

by Blogger ‎09-05-2012 03:27 PM - edited ‎09-05-2012 03:32 PM



When Steven Spielberg released Jaws in 1975, I don't think it realized what a success it would be. This suspense film about a rogue Great White shark storming the beaches of Amity Island was terrifying and memorable, instilling a sense of fear many at the time could hardly imagine. Since its release, many are still talking about this film, and it's caught so much attention that it's finally earned itself a Blu-ray release.  


Review: WD Sentinel DX4000 small office NAS

by Blogger on ‎09-05-2012 12:55 PM - last edited on ‎01-10-2014 02:33 PM by Blog Editor in Chief



There is certainly no shortage of NAS devices out there these days. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and price points. Many of the newer entries to the scene are smaller, more consumer oriented devices that, while functional, are pretty basic. Not so with Western Digital’s DX4000 Sentinel NAS.


Getting WoW Ready: The BlackWidow Ultimate gaming keyboard

by Blogger ‎09-05-2012 10:56 AM - edited ‎09-11-2012 12:04 PM



World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is getting closer and closer, and the next step in getting your rig WoW ready is taking a look at gaming keyboards. Today we’ll check out the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate gaming keyboard and see what all the fuss is about.


Don’t Let your Set Get Zapped: How to Protect your Home Theatre System

by Blogger ‎09-04-2012 08:35 PM - edited ‎09-04-2012 11:38 PM



Our homes are connected via an intricate grid of electrical connections – and this system is sensitive to a wide variety of environmental changes. Weather conditions, natural disasters, atmospheric anomalies... they can all disrupt the flow of power to your home theatre system, placing your equipment in jeopardy. Today we’ll be looking at a selection of protective devices, which can keep both you and your home safe.




While it's tempting to spend a lot of money on tech gear and gadgets during back-to-school season, it's not necessary.  There are plenty of steals and deals this fall on a number of products that work great for students (and parents footing the bill!).  When heading out to buy school necessities, make sure that you're investing in items that will stand the test of time.  Moreover, when you're buying software, remember that the app marketplace is a good bet for simple digital tools that will help students (and their work!) shine.




Bethesda may gravitate more towards combat and exploration driven DLCs for their games, but this time around they're introducing a more Sim's-esque experience in their latest Skyrim DLC, aptly named Hearthfire.  It may seem odd in comparison to DLCs like, say, the horror-themed Dawnguard, but Hearthfire is sure to offer more casual players something new and different to the mix.  


Logitech Harmony 1100 vs. Philips Prestigo Universal

by Blogger ‎09-03-2012 07:18 PM - edited ‎09-03-2012 07:25 PM



The remote control was never intended to sit atop a coffee table alongside three or four near-identical units – creating a confusing, time-consuming ordeal for the consumer. It takes countless hours to place batteries in all these devices, figure out all their intricate command schemes, and familiarize yourself with which-controls-what. Thanks to today’s most current universal remote controls, these days of frustration will soon be a distant memory... but which device will work best for you? Today, we’ll look at a pair of universal remotes that represent opposite ends of the price spectrum – and show you the pros and cons of each.


A Sirius Look at Satellite Radio

by Blogger ‎09-02-2012 07:21 PM - edited ‎09-02-2012 10:04 PM



Far above the Earth, a series of satellites stare down at a continent of dedicated music fans just like you. These orbiting transmitters beam out a lot more than just your favourite tunes – they also offer consumers a reliable, commercial-free flow of weather, talk and traffic. For those who live in rural areas, far away from the reach of radio reception, Sirius represents an ideal solution to ensure you’ll never fall out of touch. Below, we’ll look at four unique components that can instantly transform your existing stereo equipment into a digital radio receiver.


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