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Top Five Kitchen Gadget Trends for 2013

by Blogger on ‎01-21-2013 05:07 PM

kitchen gadget.jpg


Is cooking on your New Year’s resolution list? Whether it’s to start learning how to preparing healthy meals or turn your amateur skills into something that could be presented on the new show “The Taste.” Or baking might be on the list of areas to explore? Regardless, the kitchen is a place to spend more time for 2013. Here are the Top Five Kitchen Gadget Trends for this year. The goal is to make your kitchen space more fun and inspiring.



Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 3.01.14 PM.png


At CES 2013, Haier showed off its concept product, the transparent washing machine.  Is this a sign of our future? Or is this an appliance design that you don’t want to see in your laundry room?


CES 2013: Tweet from your Fridge, Maybe?

by Blogger on ‎01-17-2013 09:46 AM

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.40.21 AM.png

The Consumer Electronic Show ended last week in Las Vegas and we heard a lot about new tablets, phones, and a plethora of cool gadgetries. What about home appliances? Last year, appliances were getting “smart” while this year they are getting “smarter” with high-tech and WiFi. So, when you look for your next refrigerator, will you looking for the one that has a Twitter application?



Belkin WeMo light switch.jpg


Belkin showcased the next stage in the evolution of its WeMo home control system by now making it possible to turn wall light switches on or off when you’re away from home. The current model available can do it for lamps and devices that are plugged into a power outlet, but this would mark the first time that WeMo can actually integrate with a home’s existing wiring. In addition to this announcement, the company also said an Android WeMo app is coming this summer.


House of Marley Products – Future Shop @ CES 2013

by Blogger on ‎01-10-2013 12:57 PM - last edited on ‎01-10-2013 03:25 PM by Retired Administrator

CES 2013: Wrapping up Day 2, on to Day 3

by Blogger on ‎01-10-2013 09:02 AM - last edited on ‎03-11-2013 03:05 PM by Retired Administrator


It doesn't matter how many trade shows you go to, you'll still find that CES can kick your rear. It's a big, unforgiving monster that chews up people and spits out sore feet, sore backs, and big grins. Day 2 didn't disappoint, and left me anxious for more great stuff on Day 3.



LG's done an incredible job of bringing new technologies to the laundry space. Direct Drive, Remote Diagnostics, and powerful Steam-based technologies has put this brand of the forefront of what's awesome. 



Samsung at CES 2013 - It's about integration

by Blogger ‎01-08-2013 02:34 PM - edited ‎01-08-2013 02:35 PM



It's about integration. That was the core of the discussion I had with Craig Mclennan last night. He's the VP for the consumer division  for Samsung Canada, and while he's only a year into this role he has big plans for the brand.


Super Capacity Smart Fridge from LG -- Future Shop @ CES

by Blogger on ‎01-08-2013 01:15 PM - last edited on ‎01-10-2013 03:32 PM by Retired Administrator

LG press conference.jpg


“Smart” was the big buzzword at LG's press conference, as they made a series of announcements at CES 2013 that not only included 4K Ultra HD and OLED TVs, but also a vision for how the company’s smartphones would connect with their appliances. They also introduced a new Magic Remote that works a little bit like a trackpad on your laptop, but with a different twist.


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