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Best Buy and Future Shop are consolidating as Best Buy. This means the products, services, and features you have come to expect from Future Shop and will now be available at Best Buy and We have plans to invest up to $200 million to build a leading multi-channel customer experience on the Best Buy brand.

Visit for more details & click here to learn more about what this means for the Tech Yeah Community.

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Since the introduction of their bypass modules for remote starters in 2005, the engineers at iDatalink have continued to impress us installers with their innovation in products, software and trusty tech support during those (few) times when we run into speed bumps during an install.  Their OEM integration products for remote starters and security systems are the best I’ve used in my career as an installer.  Taking another step in the ever-changing world of OEM integration, iDatalink have released the Maestro, which is designed to bridge the gap between aftermarket head units and factory-integrated systems, such as Ford Sync.  Compatible head units will also benefit from a few added bonus features from the Maestro that make it a truly unique product.


Top 5 Ways to Green your Garden with Eco-Friendly Garden Accessories

by Guest Blogger ‎05-22-2013 04:21 PM - edited ‎05-22-2013 04:25 PM



Green your backyard in more ways than one with this list of 5 Ways to Green your Garden with Eco-Friendly Garden Accessories. 



New guest blogger: TazimDamji

by Administrator on ‎03-28-2013 02:18 PM

Tazim.jpgPlease join me in welcoming TazimDamji, our newest guest blogger to the Tech Blog family! Tazim is an interior decorator, writer and art historian - a true triple threat! Keep an eye out for articles on home & lifestyle from her in the coming weeks.


Getting On Track with Traxxas

by Contributor Installator on ‎03-14-2013 12:38 PM - last edited on ‎03-14-2013 01:36 PM by Retired Administrator



Spring is just around the corner and temperatures are slowly starting to creep over the freezing mark, meaning that outdoor activities are once again becoming a possibility without suffering from hypothermia.  And what better way to enjoy some of that fresh spring air than to take your Traxxas RC car out for a rip in the parking lot?  If some of you are wondering what to splurge on with your income tax return, consider buying a hobby-class RC car from Traxxas.  These things are fast, rugged and tons of fun to play with.  If you’re new to the RC car world, some of the terminology may sound like Greek to you, so this guide is designed to give you a quick knowledge brush-up so you know what to buy and why.




Alpine has been a trusted brand in car audio for years.  The Type R series of subwoofers are well-known for their high performance at a modest price, but with the release of the new Type S subwoofer Alpine has raised the bar once again, and has redefined what to expect under the two-hundred dollar price mark.


Please welcome Lightfooted to the Tech Blog!

by Administrator ‎09-12-2012 10:11 AM - edited ‎09-12-2012 04:02 PM

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Everyone, meet Jodie (Lightfooted), our newest Tech Blogger! Jodie works here at head office with Elliott and I as the friendly voice behind our social channels. She's our resident super-athlete who casually runs 15km to work in the morning. As you can see from the picture, she's big into using tech to help her train and will be sharing some of her expertise on that subject, as well as several others.


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Please join me in welcoming KerriR from to the Tech Blog! Kerri is going to be sharing her expert knowledge in creating great spaces in and out of your home with décor & tech tips. 


Let me introduce you to Carl-Edwin

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You're going to be noticing a new face around these parts over the course of the next few days as carl-edwin keeps us up to date with the latest happenings direct from E3. Carl-Edwn is a blogger on the French version of the Tech Blog (le Blogue Techno) and will be working double time to share pictures & quick updates in both languages.


Welcome to the Tech Blog, DigitalDan!

by Administrator on ‎02-10-2012 11:56 AM

Dan_New_mod.jpgPlease join me in welcoming DigitalDan to the Tech Blog! Dan works with me here at Future Shop as the Merchandise Manager - Digital Content, where he focuses on programs such as CinemaNow. He's also a mega fan of movies, and will be bringing us his reviews & recommendations on the latest hits & favourite classics.




Please join me in welcoming the Tech Blog's first guest blogger of 2012: Mike Washburn (mwashburn)!  Mike is a Future Shop Product Expert at our Barrie store in the Computers Department & he's going to be writing about computers, tablets & mobile phones.



David Schellenberg covers the latest tech news and information every morning on the radio station LiVE 88.5 FM in OTtawa.  He has covered everything from the rise of the Internet, though high definition tv and the evolution of video games.  The segments push aside jargon and hype to get to the impact of tech in our lives and the way that we communicate.


Read on to learn more about DSchellenberg!


Please welcome guest blogger Gadjo Sevilla!

by Administrator ‎11-08-2011 02:11 PM - edited ‎11-08-2011 02:55 PM

headshot_Gadjo.jpgGadjo Sevilla (gadjosevilla) is the latest talent to join our ever expanding and diverse Tech Blog team.  His breadth of knowledge is impressive - when I asked him what categories of tech he most frequently writes about, he sent over the following: smartphones and tablets, mobile hardware and software (OS and apps), digital photography and cameras, software and security, Apple hardware and software, portable gaming, portable audio, eBook readers and appliances.  So safe to say he'll have a thing or two to share :smileywink: Please join me in welcoming gadjosevilla to the Tech Blog team - so happy to have him aboard!


ConnectPro.jpgcpoulton, roparadiThe_Texorcist  – all esteemed members of the ConnectPro Online Support Team - are joining the Tech Blog as guest bloggers! They are going to be sharing a lot of how-tos – from quick fixes, to connecting your technologies to keeping your computers up-to-date and running smoothly.  Welcome to the Tech Blog guys!


queen-green-blog.jpgThis week we're lucky enough to be welcoming Lindsay Coulter, aka TheQueenOfGreen, to the Tech Blog from the David Suzuki Foundation to share some tips on energy saving and green living.  Earth Day is upon us (Friday, April 22), so what better time than now to focus on small changes that make a big difference not only in terms of your energy bill, but also on the environment? 





This is Alice.  She's joining the Future Shop Tech Blog as a guest blogger and is going to be spreading the good word of gaming.


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