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How to Connect Stereo Speakers to Your TV

by Blogger on ‎04-16-2014 08:11 AM - last edited on ‎04-16-2014 09:18 AM by Blog Editor in Chief


So you bought a great new TV.  Congratulations! When the salesperson asked you about speakers, did you think, “I’ve spent enough money today, no thanks! And besides, TVs COME WITH speakers built right in!” The thing is, factory speakers on many TVs are ok for watching Jeopardy! but if you’re going to put on a movie, or even check out some of the cool new TV shows that are putting movies to shame you need good speakers to give you good sound



The sleek and shiny Nest Learning Thermostat can turn your house into a smart home

by Blogger on ‎04-13-2014 12:15 PM - last edited on ‎04-14-2014 03:31 PM by Blog Editor in Chief



You might call it the “gadgetification” of our homes. No longer do we just expect our phones to deliver high tech, full connectivity for us. Now  the list of must-have smart, connected gadgets includes our fridges that can tell us what to eat and when, our dishwashers that can self-diagnose troubles, and our thermostats. The Nest thermostat is my most recent high tech gadget purchase. Read on to learn what it is, why I bought it and what I learned about this smart thermostat.


Spring cleaning your PC

by Blogger on ‎03-30-2014 09:01 AM - last edited on ‎04-04-2014 10:51 AM by Blog Editor in Chief






Spring is here, so it’s time for a good old fashioned spring cleaning. Sure you already know to flip your mattress, dust your shelves, organize your garage, and all of that usual stuff but it’s really worth giving equal attention to your PC. In fact, your PC needs twice the cleaning love since you’ve got to clean both the physical components of it, as well as the data inside it to keep everything in tip-top condition and running at optimal performance, so you’re getting the most out of your investment.



Home Offices for Her; Great Picks for a Fun and Functional Workspace

by Blogger on ‎03-21-2014 09:40 AM - last edited on ‎03-27-2014 12:11 PM by Blog Editor in Chief



Your home office shouldn't be a dingy basement room with a plywood desk top and splintery chair.


Your home office should be a place that's fun to be in, lovely to look at, and most importantly, functional, allowing you to get stuff done.  Do you need a few tips and ideas to take old and drab for cool and fab?  We've got 'em!


Types of Surround Sound: What Do All Those Letters and Numbers Mean?

by Blogger on ‎02-27-2014 06:17 PM - last edited on ‎02-28-2014 02:25 PM by Blog Editor in Chief

surround 5.1.jpg 

5.1, 6.1, 10.2?  It could be a code from the Matrix, or an episode of Lost.

But no, these are some of the different types of surround sound. Not sure what the numbers add up to or what it means for the new home theatre system you're looking at?  Come along with me as we de-mystify Surround Sound. 


When and why you need to upgrade your video card

by Blogger on ‎02-02-2014 09:33 AM - last edited on ‎02-03-2014 11:37 AM by Blog Editor in Chief



If you’re into PC gaming you’ll understand just how important a good graphics card can be to the experience. It can be such a crucial component to your PC gaming rig that often gamers will spend as much on a new video card upgrade as they spent on the rest of the components they use combined. With video cards playing such a crucial role, it can be tough knowing when it is just the right time to upgrade and how exactly to make that decision. Today we’ll take a look at some of the factors involved in that decision, and some options for your new GPU.


Fit for Football! The Best TV to Watch the Superbowl on is a Sony

by Blogger on ‎01-13-2014 06:02 PM - last edited on ‎01-14-2014 03:55 PM by Blogger

Game fans, welcome to the arena!  Tonight we are going to give 110% to the search for the ideal home theatre combo. <And the crowd goes wild!> The field has never been greener! The uprights have never been yellower. The pigskin has never been piggier. And Peyton Manning's eyes have never been bluer... you know, if that's why you like watching football or whatever. Because have we got a great new TV for you to watch football's biggest game! fs sony 65 2 .jpg


Digital home - home automation made easy

by Blogger on ‎12-27-2013 01:57 PM - last edited on ‎12-27-2013 02:39 PM by Blog Editor in Chief

homeautomate.jpgSince I was a little kid I wanted a ‘home of the future’ where everything was automated. That doesn’t need to be a fantasy anymore with all the new gadgets you can get to help make mundane tasks easier around your home. From WiFi switches, to remote controlled thermostats, and even wireless locks, there is enough tech out there to make home automation wonderfully easy and convenient.




How To: Podcasting 101

by Blogger ‎08-23-2013 07:41 AM - edited ‎08-23-2013 07:41 AM



The proliferation of various streaming and downloadable audio formats, affordable USB microphones as well as various easy to use audio editing apps as well as cloud computing has made it easier than ever for anyone to produce and share podcasts. Recording audio from Skype, from a makeshift studio in a dorm-room or even live is not only possible, it is quite easy.



Apartment Living. Get the Basics for Temporary Space

by Blogger on ‎08-21-2013 01:41 PM - last edited on ‎08-21-2013 02:41 PM by Blog Editor in Chief

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 4.36.18 PM.png


Just moved into a temporary space? As you are in a transition (in life or work) but don’t want to invest on too many furniture pieces. Deep down, you know you are moving out again, and it doesn't feel right to spend too much money. However, you don’t want your space to look bare. Instead, look for contemporary furniture pieces that are affordable. We have modern furniture you’ll enjoy for your “temporary” apartment.



10 Easy Steps for Transforming your Spare Room into a Media Room

by Blogger on ‎08-14-2013 02:06 PM - last edited on ‎08-14-2013 02:44 PM by Blog Editor in Chief



As students pack their bags and head back to college, parents across Canada will begin discovering new spaces which have opened up around the home. It may be time to start converting these unused areas into a variety of home theatre configurations. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough to make this process both fun & affordable.


How to build a PC: Installing or upgrading your CPU

by Blogger on ‎07-14-2013 10:22 AM - last edited on ‎07-15-2013 10:30 AM by JorgeM Recognized Expert



The Central Processing Unit (or CPU) has always been at the heart of the Personal Computer. That’s one thing that hasn’t really changed much. It is as important a component as it’s ever been. When you’re building a new PC its certainly one of your biggest concerns, and when looking to upgrade your existing PC, it can provide some very significant improvements to your performance. An upgraded CPU can really amp up some applications that rely on heavy number crunching such as games and multimedia. Even such an important component is relatively simple to install or upgrade in your PC so let’s take a look at the process.  It can seem a little intimidating but don’t worry, you’ll get through it just fine.


How to build a PC: Setting up a new video card

by Blogger on ‎07-07-2013 10:15 AM - last edited on ‎07-08-2013 09:33 AM by JorgeM Recognized Expert



Pretty much every PC you get has some rudimentary graphics capabilities - enough to show you windows, let you browse the web, read this blog, and that sort of thing. If you are really into High Definition video, high performance video games, or really any sort of graphically intensive tasks then that might not be cutting it for you. An upgrade to your graphics card will provide you with much more power letting you play the latest games with top of the line graphical effects, make use of multiple monitors, and make everything involving graphics look and run so much better. These days upgrading your graphics card is nothing to be afraid of and certainly worth considering. 


How to use Powerline tech to extend your network

by Blogger on ‎06-26-2013 05:33 PM - last edited on ‎06-27-2013 09:47 AM by Administrator

dlink-DHP-540-desk-lg.jpgIf you’re looking to increase your Wi-Fi signal, have issues with wifi dead-spots, or just want to make your home network more robust, you’ll want to read on and learn a bit about Powerline technology. Its not something that too many of you are likely to know about already but would probably benefit from down the road. Powerline technology helps you get some of the benefit of a wired home network without having to drill holes and lay cable throughout your house. It makes your existing home power lines function effectively like a local area network (LAN) would.  


How to build a PC: Build it or buy it?

by Blogger ‎06-15-2013 09:31 AM - edited ‎07-07-2013 09:34 AM



One of the main aspects that have always made PCs stand out, was that consumers had the option of either buying a pre-built machine, or building their own. Last week we took a look at some of the basic components of a PC and it can be surprisingly easy to build a PC yourself from those components. This week let’s look at the decision making process involved when choosing whether to build or buy that new computer.


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