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What's Hot? LG Stoves!

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         Double Oven


LG has one of the most recognizable brands in the world, and with recognition comes trust. People trust LG products to be of the highest quality, and for good reason. LG denotes value across its numerous product lines, and that's why in this blog I take a look at a variety of LG stoves. Whether you want an electric oven, a gas range, or a top notch microwave, this is the blog for you. Click through for more...


What's Cool? LG Fridges!

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         LG Fridge



There are few things that irritate my wife as much as our home refrigerator. Even though it's 'pretty' with stainless steel on the outside, the inside is a nightmare with shelves that are too low, drawers that are too small, and side door compartments that are too narrow. In this blog I discuss LG's suite of refrigerators that are, in the words of the Three Bears, "just right".


I know everyone's budget is different, so I'll cover 4 stainless steel LG refrigerators that are all 'bottom mount' models, which means they have a freezer on the bottom.