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THINKWARE Shifts Car Tech Into High Gear

by Blogger on ‎08-22-2014 12:23 PM - last edited on ‎08-22-2014 04:58 PM by Blog Editor in Chief

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You can’t reinvent the wheel, but you can certainly reimagine how you get around on four of them.


Car technology has shifted into high gear in terms of connectivity options, letting drivers optimize their automobiles with a plethora of gadgets and gizmos. While most are dismissed as novelty items that don’t do much other than capture the attention of passers-by, every so often there emerges a piece of car tech that is so cutting-edge, so easy-to-use, and so all-around practical for every type of driver that it stands apart.


Event Recap: Autograph Session with Sibel Kekilli of Game of Thrones

by Blogger on ‎08-18-2014 01:08 PM - last edited on ‎08-18-2014 01:51 PM by Administrator



Last week, Future Shop in downtown Vancouver played host to one of the stars of Game of Thrones, Sibel Kekilli, who is known for her portrayal of ‘Shae’. Making a special meet-and-greet appearance for legions of devoted fans, Kekilli took photos and signed various memorabilia and merchandise to promote the upcoming release of Game of Thrones Season 4, available for pre-order on Blu-ray and on DVD


Five reasons why the new Surface Pro 3 rocks

by Blogger on ‎06-23-2014 11:05 PM - last edited on ‎06-25-2014 02:56 PM by Blog Editor in Chief

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 10.55.43 PM.png


I had a chance to check out Surface Cafe with Future Shop to experience it and get an intimate look at the Surface Pro 3 tablet. Here are five reasons why the latest from Microsoft rocks.




Create, Connect and Innovate at Microsoft Surface Café: The Darcys and Michael Wekerle

by Blogger on ‎06-23-2014 10:21 PM - last edited on ‎06-24-2014 09:03 AM by Blog Editor in Chief



The Surface Pro 3 launch celebration at Microsoft's pop-up Surface Café continued on Day 2 of the weekend long event, with Toronto's own Jason Couse and Wes Marksell from The Darcys taking the stage in front of a jam-packed crowd of fans.


Creativity hits Microsoft's Surface Cafe: Minkoff, Cronenberg and Manapul

by Blogger on ‎06-21-2014 02:47 PM - last edited on ‎06-24-2014 09:30 AM by Blog Editor in Chief



The Surface Pro 3, the tablet that can replace your laptop, is officially available in Canada. To celebrate the occasion, Microsoft has built a pop-up coffee shop on the vibrant Queen St. W. in Toronto fittingly dubbed the Surface Cafe.  This creative hub came alive with the general public interacting with the latest creation by Microsoft and through appearances by notable professionals using the Surface Tab 3, such as Rebecca Minkoff's brother Uri, Caitlin Cronenberg and Francis Manapul.


Future Shop goes beyond the Surface Pro 3 this weekend, into the #SurfaceCafe

by Blogger on ‎06-19-2014 06:15 PM - last edited on ‎06-23-2014 09:58 AM by Blog Editor in Chief


Microsoft is making a major splash this weekend in Toronto by hosting their official launch events to welcome and showcase the new Surface Pro 3 tablet through a pop-up café dubbed Surface Café. Future Shop will be there in full force to go hands-on with the tablet.





Vancouver artist and Future Shop customer Paul Burgoyne receives new gear

by Blogger on ‎06-08-2014 07:05 PM - last edited on ‎06-13-2014 02:39 PM by Blog Editor in Chief



You may have heard about the amazing story about a Vancouver-based artist, Paul Burgoyne being reunited with his shipwrecked camera that was lost at sea in 2012. In addition to being reported by just about every major news outlet across Canada, he made international news too.  The story caught Future Shop's attention too. Read on and watch the video produced by the Vancouver Sun.



Future Shop presents one of the smartest lofts in Canada

by Blogger on ‎05-09-2014 07:01 AM - last edited on ‎05-09-2014 08:32 AM by Blog Editor in Chief



The concept of home automation is simple: using the power of wifi and Long-term Evolution (LTE) on our mobile devices to connect and control common household items in the home, even when in another part of town, or on the other side of the world. Yes, home automation is that cool. 



Roku Streaming Stick now available in Canada through Future Shop

by Blogger on ‎04-04-2014 11:11 AM - last edited on ‎04-04-2014 04:56 PM by Blog Editor in Chief



Great news: The Roku Streaming Stick is officially available in Canada today. Watch the unboxing and demo video to see what this tiny wonder can do to upgrade any TV into a smart one.


4K TVs, new cameras and other gear Sony is bringing to Canada this year

by Blogger on ‎03-19-2014 11:10 AM - last edited on ‎06-04-2014 04:21 PM by Blog Editor in Chief

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Not everything shown at the world's largest tech stage, CES, debuts the same year. However, Sony wanted to make it easier on us Canadians to see which of their cutting-edge lines are coming to market at a Future Shop near you during 2014. 


A look back at CES 2014: Top 10 moments shared in photos and video

by Blogger on ‎01-13-2014 08:08 PM - last edited on ‎01-14-2014 10:56 AM by Blog Editor in Chief



Another International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is in the books. Although the world’s largest consumer electronics show just ended on Friday, after all the information, demonstrations and shiny bright lights from display booths and slick screens, it feels like it was ages ago.


To keep the memories alive, below are the top 10 moments and products Future Shop encountered while on site at CES.



CES 2014: Celebs and the brands they represented (photos)

by Blogger ‎01-11-2014 12:31 PM - edited ‎01-11-2014 09:31 PM

Screen shot 2014-01-11 at 8.52.13 AM.png 


CES isn’t the same without seeing a celebrity or two endorsing big and small brands, jockeying for press and buyers’ attention. With good luck and by association of working for Canada’s largest electronics retailer, I had the good fortune of meeting some of the celebrities of CES 2014, and here are they in photos, with details of how they were spending their time at the show.


CES 2014: Wearable, designer tech - Fitbit partners with fashion brand Tory Burch

by Blogger on ‎01-09-2014 01:57 PM - last edited on ‎01-13-2014 10:33 AM by Blog Editor in Chief



Fitbit is taking steps into the right direction when it comes to design. At CES, the company announced it has partnered with high-end fashion brand, Tory Burch to release a premium line of accessories for their Flex model. 


Pharrell Williams at CES 2014; Liquipel promo

by Blogger on ‎01-08-2014 05:12 PM - last edited on ‎01-10-2014 09:38 AM by Blog Editor in Chief



CES attendees 'got lucky' and had the chance to see and interact (lightly) with Grammy Award winning music sensation Pharrell Williams.



The best of the best will be at CES; Future Shop is ready for the action

by Blogger on ‎01-04-2014 03:12 PM - last edited on ‎01-06-2014 11:23 AM by Blog Editor in Chief

Screen shot 2014-01-04 at 1.14.38 PM.png




It's the first weekend of 2014 and you know what that means: time for the world to zero-in on Las Vegas to observe what's new and emerging in tech at the annual International Consumer Electronics Show.


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