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Review: Canon SELPHY CP910 Wireless Compact Photo Printer

by Blogger ‎05-30-2014 08:13 AM - edited ‎05-31-2014 07:30 AM


In the digital age we live in today, it’s never been easier to capture and share moments through the photos we take. From shameless selfies to group shots—it’s almost a given that any social outing will end in a spree of photos. What better way to celebrate and cherish these special memories than by taking it past the digital screen and into the palm of your hands? The portable and lightweight SELPHY CP910 Wireless Photo Printer from Canon is the perfect companion that will do just that, and with its fun, creative, and easy-to-use functionalities, it’s no surprise that it’ll also be an instant hit with any tween girl!


Welcome to the exciting world of 3D Printers!

by Blogger on ‎04-12-2014 12:29 PM - last edited on ‎02-12-2015 11:51 AM by Blog Editor in Chief



There has been a lot of talk about 3D printers lately. They’re slowly gaining in popularity and power, with people figuring out interesting new things to use them for all the time. They’re pretty cool gadgets whether you’re using them for fun, for learning, or as tools to help you do new and creative things. There is a lot of variety 3D printers and a lot of innovation happening all the time so it can seem a little intimidating at first but if we take our time and explain things clearly, you’ll see that they’re actually fairly straightforward gadgets to understand and once you do you’ll have a world of possibilities in arm’s reach.


Top 5 Photo Printers

by Blogger on ‎04-05-2014 10:41 AM - last edited on ‎04-07-2014 11:17 AM by Blog Editor in Chief



The days of having to go to the drugstore to get your film processed and order prints are long behind us but even with the advance of digital cameras, a lot of people still don’t realize just how easy it can be to get high quality prints at home. Even if you already have a colour printer at home, it's well worth looking at photo printers. With these you can get superbly high quality photos printed that are suitable for framing or to put into albums. It’s the best of both worlds. No longer are your digital photos trapped in the computer, and you can conveniently get great looking prints any time you want.


Review: LG Pocket Photo Smart Mobile Printer

by Blogger on ‎12-23-2013 01:56 AM - last edited on ‎02-06-2014 04:12 PM by Blog Editor in Chief


Have you ever wished you could easily print photos straight from your mobile device without first having to transfer the files to your computer? How about wishing you had a printer that could easily go anywhere with you? Or one that was especially designed for printing photographs directly onto special photo paper? Well, the LG Pocket Photo Smart Mobile Printer does, and is, all of these things, and if you answered yes to even just one of these questions, then this small yet capable printer might be right for you—not to mention an ideal little companion for your poor lonely smart phone! If any of this picture talk piques your interest at all, then read on to learn all about this cool little photo printing device!


Inkjet Versus Laser Printers

by Blogger on ‎11-09-2013 01:29 PM - last edited on ‎11-12-2013 04:15 PM by Blog Editor in Chief



If you’re looking to buy a new printer you’ll inevitably be confronted with the dilemma of whether to go for an Inkjet printer or a Laser printer. It will generally be the next decision you’ll have to make after deciding to buy a printer. This can be a tricky choice if you don’t really know the factors you should be considering and the potential benefits of each option respectively. Today we’ll take a look at both of these options and help make that decision a little easier to take the mystery out of printer shopping.






I’m a big fan of the modern all-in-one printer center. The older ones left something to be desired, and didn’t always do everything as well as single-function alternatives could. The newest batch really shows off how they can now do so much, and do it well. The latest all-in-one I’ve taken for a spin was the Brother MFC-j4410DW. This is an interesting unit since not only is it pretty compact, but it an handle 11x17 prints with ease, as well as duplex printing.



Review: Xerox Mobile Scanner

by Blogger on ‎04-12-2013 11:44 AM - last edited on ‎04-12-2013 04:09 PM by JorgeM Recognized Expert


If you are anything like me, you are on the go and you need to scan something. But lugging around a big, cumbersome scanner isn’t exactly practical. You find yourself resorting to a camera to just take a photo of the documents you want to scan and hope they come out clearly. You no longer need to resort to such clumsy solutions thanks to the Xerox Mobile Scanner. This is a scanner that can keep up with you while you are on the go. The scanner is small, lightweight, and easy to pick up to take with you for working out in the field. This device lets you scan documents with ease almost anywhere.


Review: Xerox Workcentre 6015NI

by Blogger on ‎12-15-2012 12:28 PM

Xerox Workcentre.jpg


Compared to many all-in-one laser printers on the market today, the Xerox Workcentre 6015NI is, without a doubt, a top contendor.  It may be large model (although not as large as some Xerox models), but with its competitive price point and relatively fast print speed there's some good in having a printer like this one.  


Most wanted by mom and dad: The hottest gifts for high-speed parents.

by Blogger on ‎11-02-2012 12:50 PM - last edited on ‎07-11-2013 02:38 PM by JorgeM Recognized Expert

The holidays are fast approaching, and we all know a busy parent or two in our family circle who could use a fab gift under the tree!   (I just happen to one of them! ;-)) If you're stuck for holiday gift ideas for parents, think about products that might pamper them, help them carve out some extra time in their day, or, make more of the time spent with their kidsFor today's time-strapped parents, finding time for real-life social interactions, other than with spouses and children, is challenging. 


Between working outside the home, doing housework, helping with homework, and taxi-ing kids' to their activities, parents rarely have time left over for themselves, friends, or one another. Technology like these 12 great gift ideas for today's high speed parents plays a huge role in helping them stay socially-connected and entertained.


Socially connected parent gift collage.jpg


Here are all the details...




While it's tempting to spend a lot of money on tech gear and gadgets during back-to-school season, it's not necessary.  There are plenty of steals and deals this fall on a number of products that work great for students (and parents footing the bill!).  When heading out to buy school necessities, make sure that you're investing in items that will stand the test of time.  Moreover, when you're buying software, remember that the app marketplace is a good bet for simple digital tools that will help students (and their work!) shine.




While you gear up for heading back to school you’re probably considering printers as part of your arsenal. They’re still indispensable tools for students at all levels. If you’re heading off to university then having your own printer can come with an additional bundle of issues though; all centered around size. Ideally you want something small and compact that is easy to pack and cart to school, and something that won’t take up much space in your cramped dorm room, but of course you don’t really want to sacrifice functionality while you’re at it. That's where the XP-400 comes in. It seems like it was designed specifically for such student needs. 


Review: HP Photosmart 7510

by Blogger on ‎08-21-2012 05:31 PM - last edited on ‎08-29-2012 08:51 AM by Administrator



If there's one piece of computer technology that people often neglect to upgrade over the years, it's got to be their printer. If you haven’t checked out the latest in printers for a few years, models like the HP Photsmart 7510 might just surprise you enough to convince you that it's time to upgrade.


Cloud Printing 101

by Blogger ‎08-19-2012 10:49 AM - edited ‎08-19-2012 10:50 AM



While you’re gearing up for back to school, you’re probably considering printing solutions. These days printing has gotten much more convenient and flexible than it ever used to be. One of my favorite trends in home printing is adoption of Apple’s AirPrint and Google’s Cloud Print. Apple’s AirPrint lets you print from any iOS device on the same WiFi network as your printer while Google Cloud Print effectively allows you to print from any internet connected device no matter where they are. A lot of you are still unfamiliar with these so this is a good time to take a closer look.



Lexmark's OfficeEdge line of inkjet printers are geared towards home and small to medium size home office or businesses that need a quality printer that can approximate the quality and resolution of laser printers but with the multifunction of an all-in-one fax, scanner and printing solution. The OfficeEdge Pro5500 is available at Future Shop for $399.99.

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot. The MakerBot Replicator personal 3D printer at CES (video)

by Retired Blogger ‎03-13-2012 07:26 PM - edited ‎04-05-2012 07:44 AM

MakerBot Replicator-2.jpg


Earl Grey tea – It was one of Captain Picard’s favourite drinks, and he often ordered it on Star Trek: The Next Generation.  However, he didn’t order it from a person, or even make it with futuristic kettle and teapot - he ordered a computer to make it,  and it materialized out of thin air, nice and hot and perfectly steeped every time.  Not only could the replicator make food, it could also make small objects.  In the economy of the future, who needs money when you can make anything you want at your command?  Of the many futuristic technologies showcased on Star Trek: TNG, the replicator, along with the transporter with which it shared its technology, was probably the most far-fetched of the show.  Little did I know when I was watching TNG in 1989 that the very same technology would actually exist in my lifetime, albeit in a much less sophisticated form.


MakerBot Industries has been one of the pioneers of the 3D-printing revolution.  While the technology has been around since the early 1980s, before MakerBot came along, it was still just the domain of large, expensive machines for industrial use.  While MakerBot’s printers aren’t exactly cheap compared to your run-of-the-mill inkjet, they are certainly within the price-point that a small business, artist, or hobbyist can afford.


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