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Preview: LG G3 pushes to be among the best smartphones

by Blogger on ‎07-17-2014 12:39 PM - last edited on ‎07-17-2014 04:23 PM by Blog Editor in Chief



If it’s true that LG made a breakthrough in the tough smartphone market, it may well have been the G2, which signaled the company was serious about competing with the best. As good as the phone was, in some respects, it needed some work to improve the user experience. This is exactly what the LG G3 seems to be tailored for, not only trimming the fat of its Android skin, but also using a display that is unquestionably one of the best on any handset today.


Review: Monster DNA Pro over-ear headphones

by Blogger on ‎07-15-2014 04:25 PM - last edited on ‎07-16-2014 09:19 AM by Blog Editor in Chief



For the last few weeks my commutes have been noticeably better. No I didn’t find a new route to work to avoid the traffic. I’ve been taking these Monster DNA Pro over-ear sound isolating headphones for a spin. I was somewhat skeptical about these when I initially got my hands on them. I wasn’t sure how well they’d really perform versus my existing headphones. Did I really need a premium set of headphones? Would it really make that big of a difference to justify the initial sticker shock? I just wasn’t sold on the idea yet. I’ve got to admit now, that after just a couple of days of using these headphones I’m now a convert. They’ve kind of spoiled me and now I see premium grade headphones as a must-have in my daily carry. I left home without them once, and found myself regretting it all day long.


Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab S

by Blogger on ‎06-30-2014 07:56 PM - last edited on ‎07-02-2014 03:00 PM by Blog Editor in Chief



In the space of less than six months, Samsung has launched three different tablet variants in a quest to offer something for everyone, and the Galaxy Tab S falls in the premium consumer column. Where the TabPRO is primarily targeted at business users and the Galaxy Tab 4 line aimed at the budget-conscious, the Galaxy Tab S is the company’s elite consumer tablet, meant to not only be the best Samsung can deliver, but also the best on the market.


Review Comparison Roku 3 vs. Apple TV

by Blogger ‎06-23-2014 07:27 PM - edited ‎06-25-2014 07:51 AM



The Roku 3 and the Apple TV are two of the leading streaming video and content solutions that are designed to plug-and-play into any existing networked TV setup. Provided there’s a nearby Ethernet or WiFi connection, these two tiny set-top boxes will open a world of TV, movies, music and streaming content either from their respective content libraries or through third-party services like Netflix and many others.  While very similar in general appearance and functionality, the approach taken by Roku and Apple in this space today is like night and day.


Review: Motorola Moto G LTE good value for money

by Blogger on ‎06-12-2014 05:17 PM - last edited on ‎06-13-2014 09:42 AM by Blog Editor in Chief



Smartphone manufacturers have tended to pack in whatever they can into their devices, choosing to offer as much as possible without paralyzing them. Despite a bit of caution in that trend so far this year, flagship handsets will always be about what can be done, rather than what can’t. But not everyone is in the market for the hottest item when practicality, functionality and price intersect. Motorola has looked to fill that mid-range void by offering devices that don’t aim to unseat anyone from a perch, but rather provide value without a big financial commitment. This is exactly where the Moto G LTE lies, a phone that neither dazzles nor disappoints.


Review: Sony Xperia Z2

by Blogger on ‎04-30-2014 03:27 PM - last edited on ‎04-30-2014 04:55 PM by Blog Editor in Chief



When it comes to its smartphones, Sony has been a tough company to understand. On the one hand, they’ve made good quality handsets with solid specs, great battery life and waterproofing. But on the other, they’ve been behind on Android updates, software and key design points. Last year’s Xperia Z and Z1 tidied up some of these issues, for the most part, except that the screen quality and camera performance needed upgrades to compete with the best on the market. Enter the Xperia Z2, quite possibly the most complete smartphone Sony has produced.


Review: Linksys WRT1900AC Smart WiFi Router

by Blogger on ‎04-28-2014 12:13 PM - last edited on ‎05-05-2014 03:20 PM by Blog Editor in Chief



Having a good router is an important piece of the Internet puzzle at home because it distributes the signal and bandwidth coming in. It’s true that the initial speed comes from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) but use a generic router, and it’s like creating a bottleneck without even realizing it. Linksys’ WRT1900AC Smart WiFi Router is the kind of router that media-hungry consumers and streaming lovers pine for. It’s currently the most powerful on the market, and can make a positive impact on any home network that has a need for speed.


Review: HTC One (M8)

by Blogger on ‎04-05-2014 05:52 PM - last edited on ‎04-07-2014 11:27 AM by Blog Editor in Chief



HTC took a different approach with the One (M7) last year, a body made of aluminum on the outside, with a subtler take on the overall interface — fastened together by the UltraPixel camera and BlinkFeed. The same cues are apparent in the new One, with improvements to the design, hardware and software that make this not just an elegant handset, but one that might compete for the crown as among the best ever made.


Eurocom M3: a mobile PC gamer's dream machine.

by Blogger on ‎04-05-2014 01:26 PM - last edited on ‎04-07-2014 11:03 AM by Blog Editor in Chief



These days I’ve been spending a lot of time playing around on a Eurocom M3 notebook. Let me tell you, this thing is a fierce machine. I often get to play around with notebooks in every category, from mobile business machines, to budget every day machines. The Eurocom is clearly a gaming machine, but goes beyond that to really stand out amongst all the other gaming notebooks out there today.


Review: LG G Flex

by Blogger ‎03-31-2014 12:01 PM - edited ‎03-31-2014 12:04 PM



Curved displays aren’t really a new idea, since movie theatres have had them for decades, but their implementation in mobile devices like smartphones takes a little getting used to. In that respect, the LG G Flex is a bit of a pioneer. It not only features a curved display, it also does so with a larger 6-inch P-OLED that proves to be an important element to how you might perceive it. LG hasn’t positioned this device as a solution for every consumer, nor is it the company’s flagship (that’s still the G2; soon to be the G3), but it’s a functional handset meant for those who want something bigger to look at.


Review: WD Live TV Media

by Blogger on ‎02-22-2014 11:31 AM - last edited on ‎05-16-2014 11:27 AM by Blog Editor in Chief



You may know Western Digital primarily as a hard drive manufacturer but they have also had a fair amount of success with media streaming HDTV gadgets in the past but it’s a highly competitive category with companies like Google, Apple, and Roku fighting tooth and nail for supremacy. I’ve spent some time taking the WD Live TV media player for a spin and am pleased to see how well it stacks up against that competition. It doesn’t just hold its own, it offers some great features and performance at a very wallet friendly price. It certainly offers a lot of bang for your buck.


Review: Motorola Moto G

by Blogger ‎12-25-2013 07:32 PM - edited ‎12-25-2013 07:31 PM



Smartphones tend to be expensive products when you factor in all the costs associated with them, whether or not you buy them outright or on contract. The Moto G is very much an exception to that rule, offering a quality design and feature set that delivers solid performance and a serious bang for your buck. It does this with some trade-offs, mind you, but if your needs don’t necessarily require those things, you may find that this is the right phone to go with when you’re on a budget or new to smartphones.


Philips goLITE BLU Energy Light Review

by Blogger ‎11-24-2013 07:44 PM - edited ‎01-31-2014 12:19 PM



Ach winter, it’s hard to love you. I wake up in the morning: it’s dark. I go to work and spend a whole day in an office with an artificial light. It’s time to go home and it’s dark again. Our friends from Philips claim to have a solution and they call it: goLITE BLU Energy Light. They say it can help you feel better in the winter. After using it for a while, I have to agree with them!



Review: Google's New Nexus 5

by Blogger on ‎11-21-2013 01:02 PM - last edited on ‎11-21-2013 01:33 PM by Blog Editor in Chief



Google’s Nexus devices are some of the most interesting Android devices because they have good prices and don’t skimp out on specs and features. The real bonus, however, is that they have the purest Android experience you can find. Neither bloated with preloaded apps, nor overlaid with a different user interface, the Nexus 5 is one of the most unique Android smartphones to launch this year. Its combination of feature set and price make it undeniably attractive, and if you can manage a couple of its shortcomings, you may have the right fit here.


Review: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

by Blogger on ‎11-20-2013 04:04 PM - last edited on ‎05-16-2014 09:58 AM by Blog Editor in Chief



Samsung seems to love experimenting with screen sizes, and since the Galaxy S4 is one of the company’s most widely known smartphones, why not give it the “diet” treatment and slim it down? The Galaxy S4 Mini is an interesting device, both for what it offers and why it was made in the first place. In effect, it actually does look like a skinnier Galaxy S4, and it doesn’t veer too far away in practice, either. Whether or not this is the right phone for you will really depend on your budget and whether size really matters to you — both for the screen and components inside.


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