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TV Technology Takes Off! Sharp Quattron+ 70" 1080p television is a kaleidoscope dream

by Blogger on ‎03-27-2014 09:01 AM - last edited on ‎04-04-2014 09:25 AM by Blog Editor in Chief

Remember how your mind got blown the first time you saw a great HD movie, on an amazing new HD TV?  quattron.pngWell, get ready to experience that feeling all over again, because the scientist types that stuff all that techy goodness into TVs, have just found a way to make HD even better.  Yes, Sharp has come up with Quattron+, and it makes your viewing experience even more insanely realistic.  


Review: WD Live TV Media

by Blogger on ‎02-22-2014 11:31 AM - last edited on ‎02-27-2014 03:04 PM by Blog Editor in Chief



You may know Western Digital primarily as a hard drive manufacturer but they have also had a fair amount of success with media streaming HDTV gadgets in the past but it’s a highly competitive category with companies like Google, Apple, and Roku fighting tooth and nail for supremacy. I’ve spent some time taking the WD Live TV media player for a spin and am pleased to see how well it stacks up against that competition. It doesn’t just hold its own, it offers some great features and performance at a very wallet friendly price. It certainly offers a lot of bang for your buck.


Review: Sharp 70” 1080p 240Hz 3D LED Smart TV

by Blogger on ‎02-06-2014 02:12 PM - last edited on ‎02-17-2014 02:17 PM by Blog Editor in Chief




Growing up in a house predominantly inhabited by siblings and parents from Generation-Y, the love and appreciation for the television was instilled in me at a young age: starting with the early 80’s 11” General Electric tube television that was built-in to the red velvet wall of my father’s bar in my parents’ basement, right up to the 70” Sharp LED Smart TV that I had a chance to test and will review here. TVs are no longer the basic picture viewer that I grew up with—not even close; they’ve evolved into so much more. Whether we are talking about the functionality of the TV itself, the retail price point, or of course, the engineered design, TVs are maturing faster than the average household can keep up with, making it tough to discern between the good and the bad. So let’s take a look at one of the more popular brands in the smart TV game, Sharp, and discuss why its 70” 1080p 3D LED Smart TV option is worth considering as the next big investment for your living room.




Fit for Football! The Best TV to Watch the Superbowl on is a Sony

by Blogger on ‎01-13-2014 06:02 PM - last edited on ‎01-14-2014 03:55 PM by Blogger

Game fans, welcome to the arena!  Tonight we are going to give 110% to the search for the ideal home theatre combo. <And the crowd goes wild!> The field has never been greener! The uprights have never been yellower. The pigskin has never been piggier. And Peyton Manning's eyes have never been bluer... you know, if that's why you like watching football or whatever. Because have we got a great new TV for you to watch football's biggest game! fs sony 65 2 .jpg


Overview: The New Sharp Aquos 70” 4K Ultra HD 120Hz Smart 3D LED TV

by Blogger on ‎10-31-2013 02:28 PM - last edited on ‎11-22-2013 01:42 PM by Blog Editor in Chief

70 inch sharp aquos.JPG


Meet the world’s first THX 4K Certified television – the futuristic Sharp Aquos 70” 4K Ultra HD 120Hz Smart 3D LED TV. Loaded with cutting-edge technology, read on to discover the full capabilities of this top-of-the-line television.


LG shows off 55-inch Curved OLED TV, pre-orders ready

by Blogger on ‎10-30-2013 02:46 PM - last edited on ‎03-10-2014 03:50 PM by Blog Editor in Chief

LG OLED TV main.jpg


Canadians will be able to buy LG's 55-inch Curved OLED TV (55EA9800) when it launches this fall at Future Shop for the hefty price of $10,999. At just 4.5mm thick (at its thinnest point) and weighing in at just shy of 38 lbs. the TV comes off a little bit like a mini-theatre screen. And it’s OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode), which means you’re getting some of the best picture quality ever seen. LG showed off the new TV for a hands-on look at an event in Toronto, and here’s the scoop.


Ultra HD Spotlight: The Samsung 85” S9000 Series 120Hz 4K Ultra Smart TV

by Blogger on ‎10-28-2013 06:54 PM - last edited on ‎11-22-2013 02:04 PM by Blog Editor in Chief

Samsung 4K 1.JPG

Home theatre fans, meet the ultimate in luxury – the giant Samsung 85” S9000 120Hz 4K Ultra Smart TV. Featuring a groundbreaking Timeless Gallery design, the S9000 delivers astonishing playback that’s four times more detailed than today’s HDTVs. Join me for a brief history of 4K technology, followed by a detailed overview of this top-of-the-line television.


State of the Art: A First Look at the Samsung 55” 1080p OLED 3D Smart TV

by Blogger on ‎10-23-2013 07:42 PM - last edited on ‎11-22-2013 02:11 PM by Blog Editor in Chief



OLED televisions are thinner, lighter, and brighter than their LED predecessors, producing superior contrast and bolder on-screen colours. The Samsung 55” 1080p OLED 3D Smart TV is one of the latest entries into the high-end 1080p market, delivering Full HD performance in both 2D and 3D. Here's a detailed overview of this curved television's technical capabilities.


The Future is Here: LG’s Incredible 55” 1080p OLED 3D Smart TV

by Blogger on ‎10-04-2013 04:43 PM - last edited on ‎11-22-2013 02:32 PM by Blog Editor in Chief


It’s impossible not to notice LG's 55" OLED HDTV, thanks to its unique curved screen. This 2D & 3D-ready powerhouse promises to revolutionize the home media viewing experience... but does it succeed? Read on.


OLED TV will Change Everything: Meet the Flexible, Printable HDTV Technology of Tomorrow

by Blogger on ‎09-21-2013 12:16 PM - last edited on ‎11-22-2013 02:22 PM by Blog Editor in Chief



Imagine a flexible, lightweight, transparent television which boasts a superior refresh rate. That same television can deliver colour and contrast that far surpasses the capabilities of conventional 1080p televisions. Now stop imagining, because that technology is here and it's called OLED.


4K & Global Communications: Preparing for the Ultra HD Revolution

by Blogger on ‎09-11-2013 01:27 PM - last edited on ‎11-22-2013 03:14 PM by Blog Editor in Chief



Boasting over eight million pixels onscreen, Ultra HD can outperform nearly any monitor or television currently available. As this technology develops, it will revolutionize the world of global communications. Here’s some of the gear you’ll need to prepare for this transition.


The Second Wave of 4K: Samsung’s 65" 4K Ultra HD 120Hz Smart LED TV is here!

by Blogger on ‎08-31-2013 01:06 PM - last edited on ‎11-22-2013 02:59 PM by Blog Editor in Chief

4K 2.JPG


Samsung’s newest 4K televisions have finally arrived at Future Shop. Equipped with an Ultra Clear Panel capable of producing playback at an astonishing resolution of 3840 X 2160, Samsung’s aggressively priced 4K television finally brings Ultra HD within reach of the everyday consumer.


Top of the Line: The Sony 65” 4K Ultra HD 240Hz Smart 3D LED TV

by Blogger on ‎07-30-2013 09:00 PM - last edited on ‎11-22-2013 02:53 PM by Blog Editor in Chief



A new generation of 4K televisions has arrived. Equipped with a state-of-the-art TRILUMINOS display, the Sony 65” 4K Ultra HD 240Hz Smart 3D LED TV delivers an image that’s four times more detailed than 1080p – for a price that’s surprisingly accessible, especially when compared to its Ultra HD predecessors.


Chromecast: What it is and why you shouldn't care.

by Blogger on ‎07-26-2013 09:44 AM - last edited on ‎08-16-2013 11:45 AM by Blog Editor in Chief


Techies, Android-lovers, and Googlephiles across Canada cursed in unison earlier this week; Chromecast wasn’t coming to Canada. If you’re not in the above groups or you’re just a little behind on your tech news here’s a quick primer on what the heck Chromecast is… and why you shouldn’t care at all.



Super Bowl Sony: The 55” 1080p 3D LED Smart TV

by Blogger ‎01-17-2013 08:02 PM - edited ‎02-01-2013 03:59 PM



On February 2nd, the sun will slowly inch above the carnival city of New Orleans. Soon, crowds will descend on the Mercedes-Benz Superdome  – which will fill with over seventy-five thousand fans by nightfall. Welcome to Super Bowl XLVII. As the Falcons, Ravens, Patriots, and 49ers continue their battle for dominance, the time has come for you to gear up too. Let’s take a detailed look at Sony 55” 1080p 240Hz 3D LED Smart TV, and see how it can bring this year’s game to life.


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