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iOS Games Round-up: Ziggurat or Tower

by Retired Blogger on ‎05-14-2012 03:40 PM



Hey! Another iOS Games round-up, to follow up the way my dirty sinful home screen was exposed to you all.


Ziggurat - $0.99


In terms of full disclosure, I am pretty good friends with one of the developers of Ziggurat, Tim Rogers. And so you could totally say I'm involved in hella cronyism when I give this game 4/5, which if you round it up is 8/10, or, like... 16/20! (I could go on.) Ziggurat is a endless shooter: stand at the top of the mountain thingy, and shoot the enemies with your weird gun where the bullets have weight and fall in an arc. It's actually all very clever: your gun has this key moment of charge where it is most powerful, and all the enemies have this key moment where they are most... explodey. Anyway, it's super fun but also super hard and you'll probably never kill more than 100 baddies in one go and get super frustrated. Or like me you'll get enraged at your pal getting a way higher score than you, play it for like ten hours in two days, then get so sick of it (despite never beating the score) that you sort of never want to play it again. But still: a dollar! 4/5



Ticket to Ride Pocket - $1.99


Hey! If you've never played Ticket to Ride, you probably should have, it's a fun time. Basically you draw cards and spend them to claim routes on a map, but as only one person can claim a route, there's a bit of conflict without being too cut-throat. It's a great family game as a board game, and as a game now on your iOS device, it's a great game to pick-up-and-play as there's now asynchronous multiplayer (there wasn't in the original iPad only version.) Pretty much that makes it a must have, especially if you're sick of Words with Friends or whatever. Highly recommended, although I hope they add more maps. 4/5


Forever Drive - Free


Eh. Forever Drive looks really cool as an endless driving game where all the tracks you are driving on are player-created. Plus it's got some really great handling for an iOS racer (really!) Unfortunately, it's the dreaded "free-to-play" which means that once you've used up all of your xp. boosting coins, unlocking better cars and the like is so unfairly slow you're likely to never want to play it again. It's really disappointing... but it is fun for a wee while. 2/5


SpellTower - $0.99


Oo er, I actually know the developer of this quite well too. Oh well. SpellTower is a word game, but it's a bit different: you have a screen full of tiles and you, wordsearch-style, drag your finger across to connect words, which then disappear. The bigger the words you make, the bigger the points you make. There are like... five different modes which are all different enough, and frankly how much you enjoy this game is going to be down on how much you enjoy word games in general. Personally, despite being a writer, searching for words drives me batty, and yet this was entertaining for quite a while. Perhaps because I struggle with the game, I often feel like there are no decent words to make on the screen (though I'm sure there is an algorithm for that?) and I think it could do with the letters tilting when you tilt the phone (as sometimes seeing letters from another angle helps you think of words) but maybe he thinks that would make it to easy. Who knows. Anyway, this gets 4/5 as well.


Retro Jump: 1983 - $0.99


It probably means nothing to you because you're not a million years old or British like me but Retro Jump 1983 trades on the graphical stylings of the "Miner Willy" games on the ZX Spectrum. Which is all very well and good, but they've been used to make a super generic Doodle Jump-a-like that's pleasant enough, but you've played it loads of times before, right? Oh well. 2/5



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Me and Brad are totally addicted to Ziggurat.  :smileyhappy: 

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