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iPoe for iOS is wonderfully creepy, detailed, and ... all Poe would have wanted

by Blogger ‎07-13-2012 09:41 PM - edited ‎07-13-2012 09:42 PM

2012-07-13 20.18.28.pngLove Edgar Allen Poe? Love to be creeped out in such a delicious way that you just sit and stare at the screen mesmerized with all the detail (did that just move!?!)? Well, here’s a must-download app for your next high-tech campfire.


iPoe - The Interactive and Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe Collection for iOS


I first saw this app on C|net—Edgar Allan Poe’s deliciously creepy storybook app | Crave - CNET—and picked it up when it was on sale for $0.99 and while it’s a paltry $3.99 now…oh it’s sooo worth it.


Warning: This app is not for the faint (or Tell-Tale) heart! It’s creepy and gory and everything Poe would have loved. Oh, so loved.

You know how I blather on about tablets are the future of books. How we authors look forward to making truly interactive and immersive experiences on tablets. Yeah, I’m going to blather on more about it now and believe me if you’re a fan of horror, you will thank me for it. Well at least once you’ve regained your wits!


This isn’t just a book. It’s digital art. Detailed (amazingly detailed, like look, then look again and again) illustrations. Not just background music, but a soundtrack with sound effects. Not just words, but interactivity that pulls you into the words. Like reading a part of the Tell-Tale Heart you moved a beam of light across the page as if you were holding the lantern in that part of the story.


Like tapping a skeleton and it moves.


2012-07-13 20.22.01.pngLike animations and changes that truly make you wonder if you saw that or you imagined it. Were you too immersed in the story, too wound up in the fear that you thought something moved across the page, but it couldn’t, could it?

This is also an app you must listen to with the sound on. The authors suggest headphones for the fullest effect (I’m planning on this tonight), but I plugged my iPad into my desktop speakers and … whoa… that was pretty amazing alone!


Don’t have an iPad? No matter, the app works for iPhones and iPod touches just as well (actually I like the tip for menu on the iPhone better).


2012-07-13 21.02.25.png


Even the trailer video for iPoe is lusciously creepy and detailed! The only thing I have left to recommend after you buy the app is that you might need to sleep with the lights on for a while afterwards.



This is a five start app that all readers and horror lovers should have.


SKU: 10178786

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