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Adam of PKG & Skullcandy joins Brand Talk!

by Administrator ‎07-09-2010 03:16 PM - edited ‎07-09-2010 04:58 PM

With perhaps the best deer-human hybrid ever created as their mascot, Adam from PKG, otherwise known as nicepkg, is joining the Brand Talk blog today.  Adam will be blogging about all things PKG & Skullcandy, and sharing with you the life and times of Johnny Package (deer-human guy -->).


On twitter? Follow: @NICEPKG


Please join me in welcoming him aboard, and read on to learn more about him:


Ever since I can remember I have been trying to standout from the crowd. It is no different in today’s digital lifestyle as I believe the worlds of form and fashion shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. PKG and Skullcandy are a tribute to all of you daring to walk off the beaten path - those looking for the satisfaction and fulfillment that comes only from being an original, being different, waving the flag and standing true to your values. True our laptops, phones and other necessary digital goods need to be protected and our music needs to sound good, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the same old same old. Our designs are inspired by a fusion of functionality and far-from-ordinary style.

by Jamie K(anon) on ‎07-09-2010 04:26 PM

Welcome to the Blogs Adam!

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