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Back to School with your Printer

by Blogger on ‎08-20-2010 07:56 AM

It's back to school time! Did you know your printer can help make you or your student more organized and productive. Here are a few ideas...


Custom Binders

When the Hello Kitty or Ironman folders don't exactly fit your style, try designing your own.


  1. Get a clear view binder (the kind where you can slip a sheet of paper in for the front cover).
  2. Open up your word processor, download an image from the web, and add some text to customize.
  3. Print and slide it into the binder cover.

Viola! You have a three-ring binder that reflects your unique personality and can include personalized reference information like your class schedule.


DIY Graph Paper

4584iA0354DE32AB91315Have you ever run out of graph paper in the middle of a project? No worries, your printer can save the day. Head over to a site like this where you can print your own graph paper. In small quantities this can be more economical and definitely more convenient. 

For best results, set the margins to zero when generating the graph paper, and print in borderless mode. 


A Really Personal Planner

4588iAF7C13D054CA0121All you need for the ultimate notebook is your printer and a trip to the local print shop for a spiral binding.  This is a more ambitious project but the result can give you exactly the notebook you need. Design your pages in your word processor. You can find templates for planner pages on the Microsoft website. For professional looking results, set your printer to borderless 8.5 x 11 or A4 paper size, and set the margins to zero in your word processor. See this article for step-by-step instructions (


Not just for Kids

Back to school is also an excuse for parents to get organized. Personal productivity expert and designer David Seah has some great printable tools for that too. Visit his website and check out the printable CEO and other printables to keep you organized.


Do you have other ideas about how to use your printer to help with school? Share them in the comments.


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