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Electronics recycling program expanded at Future Shop stores in Ontario

by tempey on ‎07-15-2010 03:07 PM

It’s been a while since I’ve written here, but I’m happy to return with more great green news: All 48 Future Shop stores in Ontario have followed suit of our stores in Alberta* to offer residents recycling of electronics. At Future Shop, we call this recycling program Electronics Take Back, where we accept a variety of electronics ranging from televisions, monitors and computers, to peripherals (e.g. cables, mice and keyboards), to audio players, turntables and video recorders at no additional cost to customers. To view all the items accepted for recycling, click here. This is over and above the small electronics, batteries and cell phones that are currently accepted at all Future Shop stores for recycling across Canada outside Alberta and Ontario. Customers bring these items to our Customer Service desks located near the entrance of every store.  


The addition of Ontario to the Electronic Take Back program brings our store count accepting electronics for recycling to 64 locations! I’m proud of the growing number of stores which offer this service as we’ve had tremendous success in both Alberta and Ontario. The results speak for themselves: Future Shop has collected almost 110,000 lbs of electronics for recycling in Alberta in the past four months; about 9,000 lbs in Ontario in the first three weeks of the program.  Combining the two markets, that’s the weight of 24 mid-size cars. And nationally, we’ve recycled close to 36,000 lbs of small electronics through our Greentec bins during the past four months.


It’s Future Shop’s goal to expand our electronics recycling programs at all 144 stores. We are working on end-of-life solutions, but there’s a lot of work, planning and partnerships involved. I’m looking forward to the day we announce all our stores are offering this program.


If you have electronics at home that you’d like to retire, consider recycling them at your local Future Shop.  My advice would be taking these three steps before carrying the items in:

-          Visit and determine what your local store accepts for electronics recycling

-          Bring up to two electronics per visit and drop the items at Future Shop’s Customer Service desk

-          Pass it on: spread the good news of electronics recycling with your friends and family

I’ll be sharing more good green news with you this year, so stay tuned here on Brand Talk, or through our Future Generation website.


*With the exception of Grande Prairie, AB.

by me_z on ‎04-14-2011 03:06 PM

Apparently, the trade in of electronics such as ipods and mp3s doesn't take place every day. You have to call the store and find out.

I wonder if the info on the web is then misleading....

by Trusted Expert / Community Ambassador on ‎04-14-2011 03:33 PM

There is a difference between the recycling program available at Future Shop and the trade-in promotions that happen.  AFAIK, you can give your old iPod in for recycling purposes at any time, but you will only get store credit for doing so if you bring it in during one of these promotions.  No misleading information anywhere.



by gracia on ‎01-31-2013 08:47 PM
I came one time and asked how they can wreck my old 2 door 10 cubic fridge , and they said I need to talk to the in-charge personnel for huge electronics and appliances that will sched every Wednesday and Friday. Apparently, I am quite disappointed knowing that they all handle things regardless of appliances type. Going to that place just to asked those information made me frustration. Good that our municipality have also similar green ideas collecting industrial and electronic waste, old and junk appliances for recycling and convert it as municipal biogas and redistribute the energy source to every household. If things will go simple like this, perhaps many would have donate their old stuff.
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