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Getting Better Sound from your iPod

by Blogger on ‎05-21-2010 08:27 AM

It still amazes me how many people listen to music on their laptop speakers because they haven’t connected their iPod or computer to their home stereo/theatre.  Perhaps in the car they’re using a set of headphones or simple minijack auxillary cable.  Are you or a friend of yours’ currently listening to your music this way?  Often these people have the money to provide themselves with a better solution.  Here are a few thoughts to help out the technologically impaired. 



XW-NAS3 – Pioneer’s iPod system delivers room filling sound with added bass from the integrated subwoofer – a rarity in this category.  All this is housed within the sleek design.  Component video output delivers a near DVD quality picture for movies on your iPod.  Add the optional Bluetooth adapter (AS-BT100) to stream music from a laptop, Blackberry or other smartphone. 




VSX-820-K – Features iPod Digital Direct by USB allowing you to simply plug your iPod into the front of the receiver by USB.  Experience better sound through the full digital connection while Pioneer’s Advanced Sound Retriever recreates the lost warmth and harmonics lost in the compression process.  The VSX-820 also does double duty with the USB front input allowing playback of files from a USB key – make a copy of your digital library and play it back direct from the receiver. You can also use the Bluetooth adapter on this model to stream music directly from laptops or phones. 




AVH-P3200BT – Did you know that Ontario’s new handsfree phone law actually prohibits the use of portable electronics by the driver?  Pioneer’s AVH-P3200BT enables you to be fully compliant with the new handsfree laws by offering Bluetooth Hands Free and iPod Integration.  There is no need to touch the portable devices themselves in the vehicle.  Simply control your mobile phone or portable audio device (ie. iPod) through the large display of the AVH-P3200BT.     




by peterfolkes on ‎02-02-2011 01:43 PM

My remote is broken ,can I order a new one

pioneer htz-580dv 332/10112006-v3r1 s

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