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Introducing: Brand Talk!

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Welcome to the first post in Future Shop's newest blog: Brand Talk!


Today I get the pleasure of welcoming a new team of bloggers to the Future Shop Community! This group made up of brand representatives from some of your favourite consumer electronics companies who will be sharing the latest and greatest from their worlds.  It's a sort of "straight from the horses' mouths" approach to blogging, which should make for some interesting articles!


We’ve been having a great time with Tech Blog & all our all-star contributors who’ve been sharing the tech goodness over the past year and wanted to find a way to bring the brand’s perspective into the discussion.  Enter Brand Talk!  Contributors to this blog are Future Shop vendor representatives (the people who make the products on Future Shop's shelves) who will be sharing how-tos, tips, product launch news and demos on their brand's products. 


They won't be sharing sales info, insider information (sorry!) or addressing customer service issues, but they will be sharing the latest from their worlds - and there's lots going on: new products, new technologies, new trends!  Future Shop won’t be proofing or editing their articles, their opinions are strictly their own.  We’ve asked that they abide by the Community Guidelines, but the topics they discuss on Brand Talk are their own choice </serious talk>.


Every contributor here is passionate about technology and have been selected to join Brand Talk because of this enthusiasm - we're so excited to have them join us.  So say hello to our newest friends from MartinLogan, Pioneer, Energy, Klipsch & Sony - they will be posting their first articles over the next couple of days!  More brands will be joining in the future, but please give a warm welcome to the brave few who have agreed to jump right in!



Energy & Klipsch [Mark Owen]


I'm the brand representative for both Energy and Klipsch products in Western Canada. I've been obsessed with music forever. As a starving musician I walked into a hifi shop  oh-so-many years ago and asked for a job, and have been helping people find musical joy ever since!  I spend all my cash on my gear, CD's, musical instruments and tech toys and probably always will. Currently building my "dream" sound room so I can listen till the wee hours, I also have a very nice dedicated 5.1 theatre for the movie/ concert side of things. I love to answer questions on sound, acoustics, theatre set-up, speaker placement.... and of course, music. See you on the forums.







Logitech [Omar Echevers & Dane Kalinic]


Omar: I am a Harmony Product Specialist at Logitech. I have been part of the Logitech Harmony family since the early days of the Harmony 745 and I'm a home theater enthusiast. I enjoy reading about new technology and getting my hands on the latest gadgets.








Dane: I am a Harmony Product Specialist and Voice of the Customer Analyst at Logitech. As a champion for the Voice of the Customer, I listen to the feedback that our remote control users provide and incorporate that feedback into our new product development. I enjoy do-it-yourself projects around the house and backyard. To relax, I like to watch the latest HD movies and TV shows and am a big fan of reality TV.












MartinLogan [Justin Bright]


Justin’s “that guy” who refuses to watch movies at your house because you still play audio through your crappy TV speakers. After working over 10 years in the audio industry, Justin

now gets to privilege to listen to some of the best speakers in the world—MartinLogan speakers. Besides obsessing with great sound, he enjoys passing you effortlessly in his 300HP STi, laying around with his über-lazy French bulldog, and nerding it up by staying on top of the latest web programming technologies. Currently, Justin spends his days thinking about how to educate consumers on the benefits of great sound as the Director of Marketing for MartinLogan.




Pioneer [Andrew Murphy]

Andrew Murphy is the Director of Marketing for Pioneer Electronics of Canada.  With over 12 years in consumer electronics with Pioneer he knows a great Home Theatre system when he sees one. He spends his leisure time downloading movies, gaming, planning the perfect system and trying out new Home Theatre products.  Marvels at his young children's use of technology. Loves working at Pioneer and is amazed by the incredible products and the experience it delivers to the viewer/listener.













Sony [Brent de Waal]


I'm Brent and I work at Sony. A group of us spend most of our time in stores and other places talking to people about Sony products. We do events, train people and show customers how to get their Sony products to do the things they want to do; read an ebook, watch a great movie or listen to their favourite song. For me, it's all about those experiences that the technology allows you to have. We are bringing some amazing products to market and I hope this blog gives you an idea of what you can do with your next Sony product.


by Trusted Expert / Community Ambassador on ‎04-23-2010 06:46 AM

First things first: Welcome All!


Its interesting to see FutureShop appears to be foraging into more upscale products. I was surprised to see Martin Logan speakers being introduced a while back. My only concern is that FutureShop does not carry suitable amplifiers required to sufficiently drive any of these speakers.


I know they do quarterly audio packages, which offer outstanding value to the consumer: The Martin Logan Motion 2's and 6 have been paired with a Pioneer VSX1020 receiver. Problem is: the speakers are rated at 4 ohm and the receiver is not, which will likely result in damaged equipment and an unhappy customer. The large ESL speakers will drop down to 1 ohm, and I know that a couple of stores fried the Yamaha DSPZ7 ( which is only 4ohm stable on the front mains) and also cooked a Pioneer SC9540 Ice amp trying to power these behemoths.


My suggestion would be to partner up with a company like Bryston, a fine Canadian company or someone carrying similar amplifiers, and for FutureShop to be more diligent when putting together these audio packages. (Maybe Mark will bring in some P-39F's then).


Thanks for listening!

by tazmania(anon) on ‎06-24-2010 09:52 AM
Hello Laura. My name is Enzo Stigliani and I work for Sharp Electronics as the Regional Sales Manager for Eastern Canada. I would like to join your team of globers and would like to know how to do so. Could you please provide me with the necessary info and criteria required to join. Thanks and looking forward to receiving this information from you
by Retired Moderator on ‎06-24-2010 10:05 AM

Hi Tazmani,


I have forwarded your info to our community manager.



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